Somewhere over the rainbow..

As you know, one of my most favorite things in this world is a cupcake. I love seeing them, eating them, and especially baking them.

I’ve been making rainbow cupcakes for a looong time now. I used to bring them into school for my birthday to give them out to the class when I was a kid.

Heres what you’ll need:

Shopping List:

Boxed cake mix (or you can make yours homemade, more power to you!)
Cupcake/cake frosting
Cupcake Liners
A Cupcake pan
Food Coloring
Plastic cups
Lots of spoons, depending on how many colors you use.
Icing gun or icing bags

Pop open your mix and follow the directions on the back. We used Betty Crocker French Vanilla. Don’t forget to preheat the oven!

Beat your batter until nice and smooth and separate into plastic cups. The amount of cups you’ll need depends on how many different colors you plan on using. We are doing 5, so 5 cups.

If you have left over, set it aside to eat with a big fat spoon while your cupcakes are baking.

Once separated, drop a few droplets of different food colorings into each cup.
Mix until desired shade.

In our case, we used: Pink, Blue, Green, Lilac, and Yellow.
Fill up your trays (don’t forget to line!) with spoonfuls of each color. A spoonful of this, a spoonful of that. Try not to use your darkest color as your dominant. You don’t want the dark color to over power and blend too much with everything else. For us, it was green.

Place into oven for the recommend time it states on your cake box. Usually anywhere from 18-25 minutes. We took ours out after 20.

While you’re waiting, you can get started on your frosting. IF you’re not into rainbow or colored frostings, don’t worry. Simple white or chocolate is fine. The real showstopper about these is the inside, anyway.

If you are coloring, just use the same method we did for the cake batter. Split up, color, mix.

Let your cupcakes cool for at least 20 minutes before frosting. Carve off any funky looking sides/corners. We over poured on some, so we had to take off a bit.

Use your frosting gun or icing bags to do up your cupcakes to your liking. Like I said, the frosting really isn’t the important part about no worries if your hands aren’t frosting friendly.

When you serve these cupcakes to your guests, tell them to go ahead and take a bite! They will be happily shocked with what they see!


5 thoughts on “Somewhere over the rainbow..

  1. I know these looks good….but honestly Mel those cake/cupcakes mix, ready to use frost, colorants are full of unnecessary CRAP, your body doesn't like it (and i'm not even talking about the sugar and fat) and you know it's sooooo easy to make your very own cupcakes and way more rewarding



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