Sweet As A Rose

A rose is a rose is a… cupcake?
Yup – 
Whether you’re getting married this season, or just love roses, you can’t deny that
these cupcakes are stinking cute. So cute, I figured I’d share them with you all.

Shopping List:
Cake Mix
Eggs/Butter – Whatever your recipe calls for
Cupcake Liners – preferably cute ones
Suger Roses
Icing gun/piping bags

Pick out a cake mix of your choice. In our case, we’re using funfetti because..well..because why not?
Because funfetti is just as necessary as air is in my opinion. No.. ? Ok moving on..
Follow the box directions to make your cake mix. Usually just eggs, water, and oil with the occasional 
use of butter. Either way – follow your box and you can’t go wrong.

Can we just all stare at this for a minute… ? Ok great. Bake time.

For the rose toppers, you can be really crafty and make yours out of gum paste. Thats for another
day and another post, so we’ll just lazy out and use these sugar ones by Wilton. Just a few dollars at
Michaels, and will work great for this project.

For the frosting, scoop up a spoonful, actually spoonfuls, of any vanilla frosting. 
We’re not using a tip on our gun this time, but instead just using the actual nozzle.
Its the perfect size to get the round frosting we’re looking for.

Start out on the very edge, and work your way around the entire cupcake – piling it as high as you can!
Be generous. Nobody likes a frost-less cupcake.

They’re lovable already..but trust me they get cuter.

Place a single sugar rose in the center of your cupcake. 
I love the way the red pops off of the white.
Its amazing.

These make me smile.
I want to hug them.

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