Garlic Mash Potato Croquettes

I was recently on the hunt for New York’s greatest Potato Croquette.
What is a Potato Croquette you ask? *blasphemy!* You should just leave my blog.
Ok, maybe you can stay..but really? What is a  Potato Croquette?? Its only God’s gift to this earth
disguised as the best thing you’ll ever taste in your life that involves a potato. No really. I think it’s in
the Bible or something. Its not? Oh.. Well it should be.
I was finding that every Potato Croquette I would try, with the exception of a few, were tasteless and
didn’t have that extra croquette pizzaz I was looking for. When I say pizzaz, 
of course I just mean flavor and lots of salt. 
So, I decided to take it to the kitchen, and see if I can come up with New York’s BEST Potato Croquette. 
Along with some trial and error, you stand before me ladies & gentlemen with what I believe to be ONE 
of the best croquettes I’ve ever had! I went with Garlic mash potatoes instead of traditional 
mash because, well.., 
because garlic makes everything better. 
Now you can make them too:
Potatoes (whole)
Half a stick of butter (4 tablespoons)
2 cloves of garlic
Garlic Powder
1 Cup of milk or cream
Oil (Vegetable, corn, canola)
1 Egg

Start off by picking out your potatoes, rinsing them with water, and then placing them on a plate.
Of course you can use the traditional way of making mash potatoes (boiling them with water), but if its one thing you know about my blog, its that I like FAST recipes! So we’re just gonna use the microwave.

Poke wholes with a fork or knife into your potatoes to prevent bursting while they cook up.
Place them in the microwave and set to 10 minutes. If you have more then 3 potatoes, you might want
to experiment with how long to set your microwave for. I find that 10 minutes is usually good for 3-5
potatoes. I would have made more, but I only had 3 on hand. Can you tell I prepared?
In the meantime, start to mince up your garlic. However many you use is personal preference,
but I recommend 2-3 cloves at most.

After half of the time is up, take them out and cut in halves. Place them back in and cook for the remaining

While your potatoes are microwaving, or lazily roasting as I like to say, its time to melt your butter.
Take your half stick of butter and place it into a pan on medium heat.
Now I realize this is a lot of butter, so just make sure your making these on your “fat day”.
Once your butter is all melted up, add your chopped up garlic. I didn’t mince mine up as small as you
should (only because I was in a super rush). 

After 2 minutes, add your milk or cream. I used milk because I personally like the way the texture
comes out much better then when I use cream. But whatever sparks your fancy.
Let this heat up in the pan for about 5 minutes. Make sure to standby and stir it up ever so often.
You don’t want it to sit there for too long without being mixed, since the milk will eventually boil over.
Turn the heat off of the milk mixture, and start to mash up your potatoes. If you boiled them, you already
removed the skin. If you microwaved them, removing the skin will be kind of tricky. Hold the potato in
one hand and spoon in the other. Slowly scoop out all of the potato from the skin. Be careful because these suckers will be HOT! I learned the hard way. If you do get some skin in the mash up, no worries. Just go back in and try your hardest to peel it out. 

Start adding your milk mixture to the mashed potatoes. Add in small increments, and stir/mash up
with a whisk. If you need more milk, go back in and add more. Mash up. Add more. Mash up. Get it?
Heat up some oil on medium.
Set your mash potatoes in the fridge for 10 minutes to chill. By chilling the potatoes, it will be 
easier to shape them into whatever shape your please.
Potato Croquettes can be found in many different styles. Some are shaped flat & round, some are round & fat. Some are shaped as logs, while others can be as big as patties. It really is just personal preference.

Anyway anyway, crack an egg (on your head, let the oak drip down, let the oak drip down, let the oak drip down. Anyone remember that hand game? Moving on..)
Beat it in a bowl, and lay out a plate of breadcrumbs.

Take your potatoes out of the fridge and shape them anyway you’d like. I went with roundish balls.
Probably the most annoying way to cook them, but this is what I do for you all. Aren’t I sweet?

Dip your croquette into some egg, and then transfer it to the breadcrumbs. Roll it around and get it nice
and coated. Repeat this for the others.

Place your croquettes into the saucepan and watch them turn golden brown.
The reason why making them round is annoying, is because you’ll need to turn them
onto every side to cook it evenly. If you make them flat, you only have to turn them over once or twice.
By making them round, you need to make sure every inch of the ball has had its fair share of frying.
It’s more time consuming, but to me – they taste better round. It’s an OCD thing.

Sprinkle some garlic powder over them as they cook. Trust me. It will bring out that garlic
flavor like a motha.

Turn them over, cooking them evenly. When all sides are golden brown – they’re done!

Place them onto a plate lined with paper towel and dab them of any excess oil. 
And they are ready to be eaten!

Soooo good. My mouth is watering just looking at these pictures. I cooked these up last night for my
guy and he LOVED them. He’s already bugging me to make some more.
Try it out.

11 thoughts on “Garlic Mash Potato Croquettes

  1. Thoes look sooo good. They remind me of rice balls. Danny is so so lucky he has the super woman over there. Is there anything you do not do? xoxoxox love Ma


  2. looks delicious! i've been trying to learn how to cook (because my boyfriend keeps poking fun that i have no clue what im doing in the kitchen!) but i think you're blog is where im gonna start! 🙂 i love these posts!


  3. super yummy, they're famous in Japanese cuisine too, they're called Korokke! My mom used to make them all the time when we were growing up 😉 She uses the 'chicken powder' (the yellow powder) that they sell at bulk food stores and mixes it into the potatoes — you should try it out one day 🙂


  4. @jenny-xo Go for it! Jump into the kitchen and just start! You'll fall in love with your new hobby 🙂

    @missmicchan Great to know! I never knew they were apart of Japanese Cuisine as well!


  5. Hey mel! this looks YUMMY! I also noticed there are green leafs in the bread crumbs you used? what are they? I just don't want to miss out on any extra yumminess ya'know! 😉


  6. Oh My GOD MEL!!!! I JUST CAN'T LOVE YOU MORE!!! Seriously, you are the best!!! You need to have a youtube cooking channel ( I don't know if you already do ) , but I bet you will have even more subscribers than the beauty one ( Where, btw, I have been missing you posting as much 😦 ) … Please Mel, take this into consideration! I will be your biggest fan, pinky promise!


  7. Tayeba – They are basil leaves 🙂

    Eva – You can add any additives you'd like! I definitely recommend adding some salt for extra flavor 🙂

    Pure Adoration – So many people have been asking me to start a cooking channel! I'm not sure about it though, lol We'll see =)


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