Cake Pops!

How freaking cute are these?? I almost can’t take it.
But then again I’m a sucker for anything colorful, pretty, or shiny.
Cake Pops are often thought to be a really hard treat to make. Cake crumbs, frosting,
lollipop sticks??? OH MY
Truth is, they are totally easy peasy and work as a wonderful crowd pleaser.
The Goods:
Completely cooked/cooled Cake
1 Can of Frosting
Lollipop Sticks
Candy Melts (chocolate)
Sprinkles or decorations
Styrofoam block
Remember that left over cake we stored when making our Lemon Tart Cupcakes? Pull that sucker out.
I totally just felt like a cruel elementary school teacher shocking you with a pop quiz.

Take that cake and crumble it up into crumbs in a large bowl. Really work your arms into it.
Summers coming, so take it as an extra workout.

Open up your frosting (we used rainbow chip because it taste like s*x in your mouth), and plop
a few spoonfuls into your crumbs. You may not need the entire can, so don’t dump it all in just yet.

Mix in the frosting until it is firm enough to form shape. This will only take a few minutes tops, unless you have a hungry man at home whose annoying you – like I did.

Scoop up some of that mixture and roll it around into your palm to form a ball.
If the mixture it still is kinda crummy, add a tiny bit more frosting and mix up.
The amount of cake balls you get will depend on how big of a cake you use. I got 25 out of mine, but
I have no clue how big my cake was. I’m such a good blogger.
Place the cake balls into the freezer for 10-15 minutes. This will firm them up even more, and makeย 
it easier to insert the lollipop sticks.

After 10-15 minutes, and a cute pedicure later, take them out and place your lollipop sticks in no more then half way.ย 
Put your pops back into the freezer for another 10-15 minutes, and move on to your manicure.

A pedicure and manicure down later, take your firmed up pops out of the freezer.
Put some candy melts into a deep bowl. I used a coffee cup. Just my little trick. Don’t say I never taught you anything.
Melt this in 40 second bursts. Usually I’d say 30, but I really have no patience and the attention span of an eggplant.

Hold onto the end of your lollipop stick and carefully dip your pop into the melted chocolate.
You want to go kinda quick to get it in one motion. Think of ripping off a bandaid.
Get your sprinkles ready and go CRAY CRAY
Place them into your styrofoam block and let dry.

Then pretend like you don’t see that vacuum cleaner in the corner of this picture.

Dress them up in all sorts of fancy sprinkles and colors. Show off yo skillz.

Place them in the fridge next to the coffee mate, and let them harden up for 15 minutes.
Take one out. Eat it up. Then pat yourself on the back.
After all, you got cake pops, a manicure, AND a pedicure out of this.
Try it out!

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