Baking Supply Goodies I can die. No really I could die right now. 
So cute. So so so cute. I have a serious obsession and love for sugar flowers.
It’s bad. Like.. consumes my life bad. Is it legal to love a sugar creation this much? It shouldn’t be.
I recently picked up some new items for some upcoming posts at Its like I
stumbled upon heaven. A heaven full of supplies. I love it.
I got some gorgeous handmade sugar flowers and a new cookie pan. 

Beautiful. I can’t take it. I’m looking forward to using these. And of course, there will be a blog post.

And this cookie pan. Oh this cookie pan. I can’t wait to make flower cookie pops.

Just look how happy Mr.Flower is that I bought him. I think I’ll need 3 more of these.
I love supply shopping. Almost as much as I love actually using them. Something takes over my body
and convinces me I need everything in sight. Sprinkles, lots of em! Pans pan and more pans. Piping tips? Sure I’ll take some more. You can never have enough different colored cupcake wrappers.. right? 
I’m gonna need a few more shelves.

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