Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes

What do you get when you mix chocolate, cupcakes, and strawberries? In my case – breakfast, lunch, 
and dinner. But in the normal world, you get a delectable dessert that everybody will enjoy.
I woke up today and thought: I should make something mexican in honor of Cinco De Mayo.
Somewhere along the lines of tequila and margaritas (and maybe a few) I somehow decided 
upon cupcakes having absolutely nothing to do with Mexican culture. 
My mind really works in interesting ways.
The Goods:
Strawberry Cake Mix. (YES BOX!)
^ And all its ingredients.
Chocolate frosting (can or homemade)
Cupcake Liners
Candy Melts (optional)
Fresh Strawberries
A sweet tooth.

Take your box mix and pour it into a nice big shiny bowl. I often get asked why I always use box mix instead of whipping up my own batch. We’ll I could use the ol’ excuse “My kids are hungry, I need to help them with homework. Theres laundry piling up, and I haven’t vacuumed in over a month.”
I could use that excuse. Except – I have no kids, theres no homework to be done, and I’ve already trained my guy to do the laundry. The vacuum part is true, though. I can’t stand doing it. Wait.. what are we talking about again?

Oh right.. cupcakes. Once you get all your ingredients in, mix it up with a hand mixer. You could of course just use a spoon, but you’ll need a llllllllllllllllllot of elbow grease. 

Line your cupcake tin and fill those suckers up a little more then 1/2 way.
I think the only reason I chose to make these cupcakes today, was because I’ve been dying to use my
pretty little brown liners I bought on Etsy. I have no clue who the seller was – but they are amazing and I cherish them every day of my life.

Now this part is totally optionally, and when I say optionally, I really mean – your cupcakes won’t taste as good as mine if you skip this step. But no pressure.

Place a melt ( I used pink to match ) in the center of your cupcake.
Now I’m highly aware these came out looking like sunburnt boobies. Please don’t remind me
like everyone else in my existence who saw these at my house.
Ok.. you can laugh at me. I probably deserve it.

Pop em in the oven at 350 for around 20 minutes. Check at the 18 minute mark just to make sure.

Now you should know by now if you follow my recipes that we ALWAYS have left over cake mix. 
Which of course means – another little project. Put the remaining mix into a pan and cook it up. 
Store that cake in plastic wrap for a rainy day.

Is it just me or does the sight of freshly baked cupcakes instantly make you feel happy?

 I’m gonna be using this handy little guy today. Compliments of my dearest boyfriend who saw this at PathMark and thought I’d might enjoy it. How did he know chocolate frosting with an extremely convenient tip was the way into my heart??? Train them to do the laundry and they suddenly know everything.
Again – this part is optional, but we all know what that means. 
You can totally use a fancy insert tip on a piping gun/bag. I figured if I didn’t have to dirty
my icing gun, I wouldn’t. So I just stuck the tip of this guy right in the center of my cupcake. 
Puncture a whole, and squeeze some chocolate frosting in the center. In the end I realized I really didn’t go down deep enough, and you were barely able to tell anything was in the middle.
Don’t be me, and get down and dirty in there.

– Ok, now they look like tan boobies – 

Get your strawberries out. Remember a clean strawberry is a happy strawberry.

I’m not gonna lie I was totally nervous to try this thing out. Something about pre-tipped frosting cans
freak me out, and I wasn’t ready to let go of my wilton icing gun.
So I started..
And I started.. and started.. and swirled

And.. wow.. they look pretty good.

Not bad for $4.

Cut up your strawberries in half, and then in another half resulting in 4’s.

Place a slice on top of your cuppy cake in any position you’d like. You can kinda get creative here
and just go nutso.

A slice here, slice there. They’re AA-LOOKIN good!

So this is what my day looked like –
I think I’ll end it with a nice bite. 
Try it out. 
Don’t forget to send your thatgirlmel recreations to to automatically be
entered into an upcoming contest!

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