The best pasta ever.

Have you ever tried something for the first time and said “Wow, thats so good I think I’m gonna die?”
No.. ? Oh. Well I do it all the time. Like the first time I put this concoction together. 
A while ago when I desperately needed to go food shopping, all I really had in my pantry was 
pasta, peppers, onions, and some left over marinara sauce from the night before. Seriously this 
is a true story. Why one would have just those 4 ingredients handy is beyond me. 
My guy was kicking and screaming like a mean 4 year old about how hungry he was, so I winged it. 
It turned out to be one of the best things I have ever tasted, and 
I still continue to use it to this day.
The Goods:
2 boxes of Rigatoni (or any pasta you prefer)
1 Whole Red Pepper
Half of a white onion
Marinara sauce
Olive oil
Dry basil leaves
Fresh Basil 
Boil up a pot of water. Once boiled throw in your rigatoni, or whatever pasta you choose to use. I like rigatoni for this recipe and recommend using it. But if you’re stubborn and must use your preference, go right ahead big baby. 
Then grab yourself a nice red pepper and onion.

While your pasta is cooking, cut your pepper in halves and maaake suuureee you take out the seeds. Chop up your halves into chunks and set aside.

Then, cut your onion in half and wrap one up for a rainy day. Chop up the other half and then peel apart the layers. You’ll know what I mean when you’re at this point.

Simmer some olive oil on a low flame and warm up. Oooo you can see my ceiling and cabinets. Cooool

Toss in your peppers and onions and throw on a generous handful of dry basil leaves.
You can also add any other additive you want like pepper, salt, garlic powder, etc. 
I just stuck to some pepper.

Mmmm its looking good. Mix it all up until it all looks evenly coated.
When then onions turn a little yellowish brown, they’re done! Turn off the flame and pour a teaspoon of cold water in the mix. This will stop the browning process and will enable you to leave the peppers and onions in the hot pan while you continue cooking.

In the meantime, heat up or cook your marinara sauce. I guess you can use the jarred stuff if you don’t mind being shunned by society.

By now your pasta should be cooked. Cooking time will really depend on how you prefer your pasta. I prefer it al dente, so I kept it in for about 15 minutes. But again, it also depends on how much pasta you’re cooking. Just stand by and try it every 5 minutes or so.
Strain your pasta and put it back into the same pot. Dump on a generous amount of your sauce and mix it all up. Add more as you need it. I always end up using the full amount of sauce, just over a few mixes.

Strain your peppers and onions out of the olive oil, by now they soaked up a good amount, and add them to your pasta.

To add a nice final touch, rip off some fresh basil leaves and place on top.

You’re seriously gonna love the pepper flavor in this dish.
O M G. So good. I could die.
I feel like I say that way to often on here? . . . 
Try it out.

16 thoughts on “The best pasta ever.

  1. WOW that looks do good. I will be trying that next week for sure. Your camera takes beautiful pictures. Great presentation also. xoxox That's my daughter Mel… (lol)


  2. I made it tonight and absolutely love it. I made it with chicken and asparagus on the side and put parmesan cheese on top of the pasta. It's absolutely heavenly! Love your recipes! 🙂


  3. @ mezzoRIAH! Mmmm that sounds so good! I love asparagus! I actually have a roasted asparagus recipe coming!

    @ Sweet Cynn Yup – thats already on the list :)! I'm most likely going to make a section for “Basics”, which is where that will be included!


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