Chocolate Coconut Treats

I seriously love coconut. I breathe it. I can live off of it. 
And well it wouldn’t quite be a thatgirlmel post if I didn’t say that I’d die for it. Which I would.
These are suuuuper easy, and really just contain a whole lotta waiting. I have about the same amount
 of patience as a hyper 3 year old, so I don’t make these as often as I’d like. 
You’ll need coconut dough, which can be tricky to find if you don’t have a baking supply store nearby. 
I get mine from Its the best value I’ve found. 18oz for $4.99. Pretty good.
Also, I normally make these with coconut flakes as the garnish, but I ran out so I improvised.
The Goods:
Coconut Dough
Chocolate Chips
Sprinkles/Coconut Flakes
Cling Wrap

Start by taking a tablespoon of the coconut dough and roll it up into a ball with your palm.
You can make as many as you’d like. There really isn’t a limit here.
Place your coconut balls onto a plate wrapped in cling wrap. You can use wax or parchment paper, but most people already have cling wrap handy.

Refrigerate these for 10 minutes to firm them up.

Melt your chocolate chips. Using a spoon, dip a coconut ball into the chocolate. Toss is around until 
the entire thing is covered.

Place them on the plate. Don’t worry if they’re messy. This is just a “crumb coat” for instance. We’re just getting the coconut covered with a hard shell so we can easily decorate them later.
Let these refrigerate for about 25 minutes, or until outer shell has hardened.
After 25-30 minutes, melt some more chocolate. 

Dip in the balls (I feel so naughty typing this), and cover it with its final coating.

Immediately toss them into or sprinkle them with anything you’d like. Like I said in the beginning, I usually just use coconut flakes, which I’d recommend the most for this. In this case, I just used these fun peanut butter and crushed oreo sprinkles I got at the supermarket.
Transfer them to another cling wrapped cover plate and let refrigerate for an additional 30 minutes.
… and they are ready to eat!

Mmmm, now take a bite! Delicious and easy! What more can we ask for??
Try it out.


8 thoughts on “Chocolate Coconut Treats

  1. Here is a thought… I bought a mini crock pot for melting chocolate. It works really well. It does not burn it at all. It holds alot also… Just an FYI


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