How to use an Icing/Piping Bag

When I first started baking, I was terrified of the decorating bag. I had a Pampered Chef icing 
gun, and thought I was the ish. It came with a whole bunch of tips and I thought it 
was the greatest thing that ever happened too me.
Over time, I realized how annoying it was constantly having to clean it whenever I wanted 
to change frosting colors. So.. I did the logical thing. 
I went out and bought 3 more. Don’t judge me.
I had a little frosting gun intervention one day when decorating bags were on sale at Michaels. 
I bought a pack, bought some tips and couples and got to WORK!
Today, I’m here to show you not to be afraid either!
What you’ll need:

When you buy a coupler, it will be in 2 parts. One part that goes in the bag, the other that gets screwed on top.
Your first step, is to unscrew the coupler and put the larger part in the bag. Press it down as far down as you can without the bag ripping.

Take a marker, and mark off the spot where the first ridge on the coupler is.
Remove it, and cut across your line.

Put the coupler back it, and let the tip peek out.

Place on your tip..

And put the second part of your coupler over it. Screw it back on.
This will secure that your tip doesn’t get pushed out along with the icing.

P.S I’m using a Wilton 1M. I use this tip majority of the time.

Hold the bag in your hand and fold over the sides to cover your fingers. (Don’t you just love my green food coloring stained thumb?) You can also use a tall glass. Just place the bag inside, and fold the edges over the rim of it.

Using a spoon, fill up your bag with your frosting. Unfold the sides and squeeze the icing down to the tip.

Use either a twist tie or rubber band to secure the end.

To use, hold the bag in between your thumb and other four fingers. Squeeze with the palm of your right hand, and guide the tip with your left.
Like how I blurred out my chipped nail polish? I desperately need to get out of the kitchen and to the nail salon.
Annnnnnd thats it. You’ll never use an icing gun again!

6 thoughts on “How to use an Icing/Piping Bag

  1. I think I might leave my icing gun alone for good. I have always preferred the bag over the gun because the couple and nozzle always pop off my icing gun, no matter if it's screwed in properly. So much more malleable in a bag.
    Thanks for the tips! Keep up the fun food posts with hilarious commentary- it totes makes my day!


  2. Garrison –

    Thanks for reading! I'm glad I can bring some extra joy to your day! I used to have the same problem with one of my icing guns. I ended up just getting a new one and never ran into the problem again! I too now prefer the bag over it. So much more easier to work with!


  3. Thanks for doing this post! i love baking and i really want to step up my game by being more creative with it. I had no clue how to use an icing bag but now i do and i can't wait to try it out on my next baking adventure! 🙂


  4. You're very welcome for the post! I figured if it was something I used to struggle with, maybe there are others who have the some problem! Its real easy once you learn how.


  5. I took the Wilton cake decorating classes 1 & 2 @ Michael's. I bought the cake decorating caddy that comes with all the things you need for decorating. Tips, bags and so forth. I love it. I never thought of the rubber band Idea. Good thinking. You made them look so elegant. You keep outdoing yourself. xoxo


  6. You know, I was going through your blog and saw the rose cake and some cupcakes and thought….gosh I wish I could ice cakes like that and here we are with this post….thank you!!


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