Strawberry "Cheesecake" Popsicles

One of the most refreshing things in this world is a nice cold popsicle. A freshly frozen popsicle that is.
The morning after you put a batch of sicles in the freezer is like waking up on Christmas morningย 
when you’re 6 years old. Seeing how they came out is like opening a gift!
I saw a similar popsicle recipe online a while ago and was determined to make it.
I changed it a little bit, but only to make it my own!
Not only are these delicious, they’re good for you, too! Check out the ingredients.
The Goods:
Vanilla Yogurt
Fresh Strawberries
Paper Cups
Lollipop Sticks
Nilla Wafers

Start by opening up a new container of vanilla yogurt. Take your paper cups (I got mine from Michaels, but you can use the ones you have in your bathroom to rinse your mouth), and line the bottom with a layer of vanilla yogurt.

Put in your lollipop sticks. You’ll most likely need extra support since the yogurt is still flexible. Just have additional lollipop sticks on hand to balance them, or, use pencils.

Place these in the freezer for about an hour.

Take out your strawberries. This is the perfect time of the year to use strawberries in your dishes! They are so sweet and ripe! Yum!

Take a strawberry and mash it up with a potato masher. You caaan use a blender, but I figured I’d give you the extra arm workout seeing as summer is right around the corner.
Plus, mashing them will leave you with some bigger chunks to freeze instead of just juices! Not that theres anything wrong with just strawberry juice.

Take a spoonful of strawberry and create a new layer on top of your popsicles.

Now – I’m gonna give you 2 ways to do your final layer.
Both ways I have tried in the past, and both ways have come out great.

Get out your Nilla wafers and dump them into a ziploc.

Crush them using a rolling pin, or just use your good ol’ hands.

Pour some crumbs on top of the strawberries to create your final layer. You really want to pack this mixture down so that the crumbs freeze along with the strawberries. Get it? This will act as the “cheesecake” bottom.
Let freeze over night.

The second way, is to mix some of the wafer crumbs in with some more vanilla yogurt.

Pour it on top, and let freeze over night.

The next morning, peel off your paper cups and look at your beautiful creation!

And at last, I’ll end this post with saying that if you don’t try these, you are a happy hater.

9 thoughts on “Strawberry "Cheesecake" Popsicles

  1. Mel I love that your blog is going in this direction! I think it's nice to switch it up a little so things don't get boring. More Italian inspired recipies please!



  2. your so creative with all of the things you make! I'm seriously going to try all of the things you post threw-out my summer vacation. keep it up, it is amazing! ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. WOW! Where do you get all your ideas from? You've inspired me to start off a blog like this, me and my mum love the things you make and are going to try making some of them, this one first! xxxxxx


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