April showers bring May flowers

Yesterday was my aunts birthday, so of course I had to make cupcakes. Lately, I’m finding any 
little excuse to whip up a batch and let my creative flow. Its sunny out? I guess we need cupcakes. 
Its raining out? I guess we need cupcakes. End of the world? Looks like we need cupcakes.
But – not only was it a special occasion – one of my amazing followers, Lauren, whom I’ve adopted 
as my Internet Mommy, sent me the cuuutest baking cups. 
Flower petals + cupcakes? Really? How didn’t I think of such an amazing concept. Its genius.
I loved them from the moment I opened the box, so I just haaaaad to use them right away.

I whipped up some green buttercream frosting and piped away.
(Piping tutorial: HERE)

I had these gorgeous sugar flowers left over from a previous project and knew I had to use them on top.

Aren’t they freakin’ adorable??? I can’t.

The only annoying part is actually filling the cups. You have to make sure you hit dead center, so nothing drips down the side. As you can see, it happened to me a few times. And as you can see, parts of the paper burnt. But – I have learned my lesson and will try these again.

Ok..  just stare at them with me some more.

Alright, I’m done here.


11 thoughts on “April showers bring May flowers

  1. I adore you my Internet Daughter. If I had had one I would have wanted her to just like you. So I feel blessed to have you. You make my days brighter! xoxoxo


  2. I just went to order more but they are not selling them at this time. I found them on Ebay. I will let you know when they come back in. Also they take forever to get here. I had said I ordered more and when I went to do so they were gone sooo I had to delete the comment…. oppps! xo

    Wilton sells them Petal Baking Cups but they are much more money and less product… 😦


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