Burger Cupcakes

Wow, hi, hey. Where the hell have IIII been? I’m completely aware its been about
7 years since I posted a recipe here, but I am back in the swing of things! The month
of June was a nutty one for me. So many birthdays, bbq’s, and vacation planning.
Speaking of BBQ’s, I made these little numbers for a recent one that we went too last week.
I sometimes feel like I need to bring the best dessert, and all other desserts must be less astonishing 
as mine. Yes this is what goes through my head at night. Its probably a sickness, but I like my dessert
too be the showstoppa. So, I took to the internet and looked for some ideas. I saw a picture of 
little cakes that looked like burgers and was immediately intrigued. I just had to make them.
The Goods:
Cake Mix (Box or handmade)
All ingredients listed on box – eggs, oil, water, etc
3 Cans of frosting (can you tell I really wasn’t into making the handmade stuff?)
3 Decorating bags
1 Leaf tip
Paper liners
Food Coloring
Poppy/Sesame seeds
Bake yourself up a batch of cupcakes. You can make them really thin so that you don’t have to cut them in half, or you can make mondo ones and slice them. I prefer mondo. Be sure to make some chocolate ones as well for the “meat”. You can just add cocoa powder to the left over white mix.

Once fully baked and cooled, remove wrappers. I suggest putting them in the frig to make sure they are extra cool. You don’t want them to break apart when you remove the liner.

Take a chocolate cupcake, and slice it in half. These will be your “burger”. Cut up as many as you need.
You can also start to cut up your mondo “buns” at this point.

Prepare your icing, or use the canned stuff. Color 1 part green, 1 part red, and 1 part yellow. I actually didn’t have red coloring on hand. I know, shocking. So I just used pink and yelled at all the people who made fun of me.
The green will be your lettuce. The red, your ketchup – and the yellow, your mustard.

You won’t need a tip for the red & yellow. Just snip the end. For the “lettuce”, you’re gonna wanna use a leaf tip to get the right effect.

Dollop some frosting onto 1 slice of a cut cupcake, and stick your chocolate burger right on. Make sure it is secure.

Using your leaf tip, wiggle around in a circle to give it that rigid lettuce look.

Continue with your “ketchup” and “mustard” going around in a circle on top of your lettuce.
Of course you can go in any order you like, this is just what I felt like doing.

Pop on another half of the cupcake, or a small thin one. Wet your finger with some water and sprinkle on a few seeds for a more realistic feel.

Place them on a pan, cutting board, or any flat surface and refrigerate them for a few hour. Over night is best.

How cute are they???? Sure to be the life of your next BBQ! Show off your skillz, and make
all your friends jealous!

13 thoughts on “Burger Cupcakes

  1. Mel…my brother and his gf made these once, except they made brownies as the “burger meat”. So delicious, I can't even explain! I could've eaten a million of them. You people haven't lived until you've had a brownie cupcake burger! mmmm. I like the colors you used though, very pastel-y..very cute!


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