Spicy Asian Broccoli

Hi. Lets just all ignore that fact that its been just shy of a month since I posted on here.
I don’t even know who I am anymore. What kind of person does this??
Lets also please acknowledge that my header photo for todays post is credited from
a google image search I did. Reasons being because I didn’t get a pretty fancy picture
of my finished project. I couldn’t just pop up out of nowhere with a post after a month
and then NOT have a header photo?? I’m like a new person. I hate it.
No I’m totally kidding, but I did get the photo off google.
Anywho, have I ever confessed my love of broccoli to you all? Its a serious love affair.
I’m so obsessed its disgusting. I’m disgusted with myself at how much I love
broccoli. It shouldn’t be legal. There is just no wrong way to eat, cook, and especially side dish it. 
This is one of my absolute favorite ways to prepare broccoli. It contains savory tastes
and is such a quick thing to whip up during the busy work week. Its a great addition to your meat
dishes, or just a simple snack.
The Goods:
Broccoli Florets
Sesame Oil
Vegetable Oil
Soy Sauce
Salt/Pepper/Red Pepper Flakes
White Rice (optional)
Aren’t you so relieved to see these red pots in your life again? I know you missed them.
Bring some water to a boil and plop in your broccoli florets. We’re just gonna steam them for 3-4
minutes tops, since they’ll continue to cook in the oil.

In the meantime, heat up some sesame oil in a wok or skillet. I love cooking with sesame oil.
It has such great flavor. I don’t use it often enough.

Drain your florets from the boiling water…
I’d like to meet the person who knows how to take a picture of fuming hot food and NOT 
get the steam to screw up the shot.

..and then put them in your hot sesame oil filled skillet.

Isn’t that just so beautiful??? I love broccoli. I really do. Okay I’ll stop now.

Season your sweeties with a dash of salt, pepper, and pile on those red pepper flakes.
Now really all you do is wait. 


Mix and wait..

Mix and wait..

Until your tops start to brown in color a little bit. About 10-12 minutes.

Get your soy sauce out. How much you use will depend on how naughty you are.
I just spread open the middle and pour. The picture looks like a lot more then I actually put.
I’m not that naughty.

Toss it around a bit, and remove from heat. You can strain some of the extra oil out
if you’d like. This would be the healthier way of doing it.
Serve it over rice and you just made your own chinese take out!

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