10 Minute Pasta

Lets face it. We’re all way to busy to think about a gourmet meal for dinner.
Work, boyfriends, husbands, kids, blogs, weird fetishes – they all get put 1st.
I make this pasta a lot, probably way to often, and my guy is probably sick of it but thats ok.
Its really quick, and I mean REALLY quick. Hang something shiny in front of your
guy for 10 minutes and this dish will be ready!
The Goods:
Olive Oil
Red Pepper

Full up a nice pretty pot with warm water and put it on a high flame to boil.
Be sure to sprinkle in some salt!

Only fill it up with enough water to cover your pasta. This will cut boiling time a lot! 5-7 minutes.

Cook the pasta to your liking. You can use any pasta you have
in the pantry. It ultimately works with anything.

Strain it out and put it on a pretty plate.

Now I swear I took pictures, but my camera says I didn’t. Heat up a skillet with some olive oil
and butter. How much you use will depend on how naughty you are. I wasn’t feeling that naughty
so I didn’t use much. Just a drizzle of oil and a scoop of butter. OK maybe a big scoop.
Once butter is completely melted, remove from heat and pour it onto your pasta.

Sprinkle on your salt, pepper, and some parsley.

Add some crushed red pepper for a little kick and extra flavor.

Now just stare at the pasta. 

Try it out!


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