Garlic Bread

You’re probably gonna love me after this post. Cue the choir.
This my friends is Garlic Bread. The most amazing thing that will ever 
touch your lips. AND you can make it in between commercial breaks of Law & Order SVU.
Its THAT easy.
You most likely have had garlic bread at a restaurant before, or maybe you’ve been
lucky enough to have it homemade. Or maybe not. And thats why you’re reading this.
You’ll need….
A loaf of bread…

A few garlic cloves…

Lots & Lots of butter… or not. Depends on what your sucky diet allows you.

Garlic Powder, Basil…

…and olive oil! I bet you 10 cupcakes you already have ALL of this inside your pantry.

Start out by cutting your loaf of bread open. You don’t want to completely cut it in half.
Just open it up.

Chop up some amazing beautiful pieces of garlic. Did I ever reveal my talent for eating raw garlic?

Now spread some butter on your bread. You want to cover the whole thing end to end.

Tap on some garlic powder, or a lot

Then sprinkle on your chopped up pieces of garlic. Evenly distribute.

Now throw on some basil leaves. A lot of people will tell you to use parsley. Basil my friends. Basil.

Lastly, pour on your olive oil.

Plop this God send on a cookie sheet and broil him in the oven for 10 minutes.
You can also just put the bread in your toaster oven for 5-7 minutes.
 Thats how I do it most of the time. 
This particular loaf of bread was to big to fit, however.
 But that just means more for me.. right?
Now get back to your show! Elliot is probably worrying about the well being of 1 of his daughters.
Who wants to miss that???

On the next commercial break, your kitchen will smell like garlic and your eyes will start crying of happiness.

Fold it back up and cut into pieces.

Then separate each of the halves

Viola! Delicious!

It may just be the most perfect thing to pair with pasta and or a bottle of wine.
Try it out!

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