Not-So-Healthy Guy Approved Salad

This is my guys favorite salad. So much that he let me take pictures of
him making it yesterday. Thats love!ย 
He isn’t what you would call picky. Just particular. Like most guys. They don’t
want to eat fruity tuttie salads. They want lean mean hormonal making machine salads!
Make this for your guy and he’ll probably buy you something shiny.
You’ll need..
A head of lettuce
1 Onion
Half of a green or red bell pepper
1 Carrot
Grilled or Chicken cutlet
Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder
Lime Juice
Dressing of choice
He recommends only sticking to, either: Italian, Balsamic, or Oil & Vinegar.
He also usually adds cucumber, but didn’t have it on hand. *mental note*

Start by chopping up a head of lettuce.

Generously add salt and pepper, then set aside in a bowl.

Dice up your onion

And set aside with lettuce

Slice up carrot

And set aside with the lettuce and onion

Chop up your scallions ( I LIVE FOR SCALLIONS )

And set aside with your other ingredients. Repeat this process for the rest of your vegetables.

Now dump it all back onto your cutting board.

Add diced up pieces of bacon

Garlic powder..

And lime juice. Then place back into your bowl.

Now cut up your pieces of chicken. The chicken cutlet works well, but use grilled for a more healthier approach. The word healthy isn’t in my guys vocabulary.

Add your chicken to the salad, then

Pour on your dressing. He used a homemade Italian dressing.
Maybe one day I’ll share my secret with you.

Place a bowl of the same size over your salad bowl…. AND

Shake watcha momma gave ya
Work out those arms ladies!

Take off plate and add more dressing

Then shake it up again!

Empty it out into your pretty serving plate and toss around.

Then cut up a tomato into pretty circles and then in halves

Salt em’

And then outline your pretty salad with your pretty tomato frame.

Simple as pie. Except, not as fattening! Ok.. it probably is.
Try it out!

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