Oh My.. Apple Pie

This is my most favorite time of year for the kitchen. Most people dig summer for all
the fresh herbs they grow in their gardens, but I’d take comfort food over fresh
basil leaves any day. 
I like to call this my “famous apple pie”. I make it every year, at least 3 times, and every
year people ask me for the recipe. Therefore, I now crowned it famous. 
The Goods:
6-7 Apples
1 Cup of Sugar
Lemon/Lime Juice
1 Egg
Pie Crust (I use Pillsbury)

P.S Sorry for the crummy lighting in this post. Made this at night!

Grab some apples. Peel, cut, and slice them into quarters.
They say the key to a great apple pie is using 4 different types of apples.
ex. Fuji, Red Delicious, etc.. so don’t be afraid to browse the entire market.

Squeeze on some lemon or lime juice. I prefer lemon juice, but I didn’t have any on hand so I 
settled for leftover lime juice we had from last weekends margaritas.

Mix it up good, then

add your 1 cup of sugar. You goes know I’m not a precise measurer, but I recommend sticking
to exactly 1 cup.

Sprinkle on a pinch of nutmeg

Some cinnamon

and a litttttttle bit of salt.

Mix it up really well until all the ingredients look absorbed and your apples look “wet”.
The sugar we added is really going to bring out the natural juices of your apples. So delicious.

When your apples are wet, your kitchen is filled with amazing aromas, and you just can’t seem to
control yourself from taking a bite.. its time for your cornstarch. 3 Tablespoons.




Until the cornstarch disappears.

Now take your pie pan. I’m using a 9in, but the deeper the better. Just make sure your pie crust
is big enough.

You can make a homemade pie crust, but store bought is so much easier and is equally tasty.
I’ve been using the Pillsbury Pie Crust for years and it always taste as good as the first time.

Carefully roll it out in your pie pan. If you had it in the freezer, made sure you have it out in room temperature for at least and hour for it to thaw out. To avoid this, just leave it in the frig when you buy it.

Dump your apple mixture in it, and smile. It looks so yummy.

Take some butter slices and dot around your pie.

The top crust is the trickiest, and it took me a few times to perfect it without ripping a whole through it.
Just carefully roll it out and plop it on top of your pie. 

Then go around the entire pie sorta pinching the two pie layers together. You want to make sure there
are no openings.

To make your classic pie mark, make an X in the center with a knife.

Then any other funky line design you want. Find your inner tattoo artist, and just go for it.
I made a sad looking star thing. Did I mention I failed art class in high school?

Grab a cookie sheet and line it with foil. You want your pie pan to rest on this as theres chance your apple mixture can break through and then bubble over. Then you’re gonna have to convince your guy how he does nothing around the house and has to clean to oven. It just won’t go down well.

Quickly beat an egg, and brush it over the top of your crust .This will help it brown. You can also
add a sprinkle or two of sugar if you’re feeling extra frisky.

Now in the oven it goes at 375 degrees for ONE HOUR. It will be the longest hour of your life, so
make sure you occupy yourself with reading some more of my recipes.

TADA! Fastest hour ever. 

I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing freshly baked apple pie tastes, so you’re just gonna have
to try it out for yourself. 

Try it out!

5 thoughts on “Oh My.. Apple Pie

  1. Kim

    It's okay it just helps it so it doesn't bubble up. And keeps the temp level through out the whole pie. You can try it next time if you're curious!


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