Twice Baked Potatoes

I want to start this post by apologizing about the photo quality. It was late,
the lighting was bad, and I completely forgot to edit them. Do you know how
long it takes to import pictures to blogger to then realize you completely
forgot to edit them? Who am I? What were we talking about again?
Oh right the POTATO. Well actually, we were talking about my pictures, but lets
just pretend we were talking about potatoes the entire time. Sound good? Great. I’ll stop now.
Twice baked potatoes are Gods gift to earth for us starch lovers. They are so beautiful,
delicate, and amazing. You will divorce your husband for them. All types of magical things
happen when you try one for the first time. Stretch marks disappear, husbands do the dishes, 
and a choir full of angels sing a song.
Ok not really, but you definitely still might consider divorcing your husband for them.
The Goods:
Start by washing, scrubbing, and squeaking your potatoes clean. Then pierce some holes
in them with a fork, and place them on a cookie sheet. Pop them into a oven heated at 350 for
ONE HOUR, or until you can cut through the potato with no resistance.


After one hour, clamp a potato in your hand lined with a towel/paper. Have you ever
experienced holding an extremely hot potato with no hand protection? Its painful. Terrible.
Probably worse then child birth. Ok not.
Slice the potato in half from top to bottom.

Now, this is important. Take one of the halves and scoop all of the potato out and into a bowl.

With the other half of each potato, only scoop out the very first layer so you’re left with a canoe
looking typeish thing.

Add salt, pepper, and parsley to your potatoes. I like parsley in my mashed potatoes.


Now scoop in a totally inappropriate amount of butter. It has to be inappropriate or else it won’t
taste as good.

Now viciously mash them up. The butter will melt on its own from the heat of the
hot potato. 
Do you have a potato masher? You need one. 

Now put a little butter on the potato halves, little as in a lot, and let it melt in a little bit.

NOW this is where magic happens. Take a big spoonful of your mashed potatoes and place
it on top of your potato boats. Potato boats. How cute. I just made that up now.

YUM. Stuffed Potatoes. Brilliant.
You can add bacon if you wish, or even some cheddar cheese. Whatever extra calories
you’d like to add, be my guest!
Now back in the oven they go for 15-20 minutes!

Shh. Did you hear that?

The angels have sung.

12 thoughts on “Twice Baked Potatoes

  1. I have had these once before, calorie filled of course, and I never knew the top secret way of making them. Since you have opened my eyes and showed me the light I must now take this recipe and make it my own and do damage.

    Love the recipes they make me hungry.


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