Bruschetta. Oh my sweet baby Jesus, Bruschetta. 
Nothing in this world is better then bruschetta. Nothing Nothing NOTHING.
I lose my mind for it. Die for it. Live for it.
I love it for breakfast lunch and dinner, everyday. Well not really. But I would
if it was ok with the world. Which its probably not. So I can’t. Ignore me.
So easy. So easy, teach your kids to make it and make them cater to you. 
Cherry Tomatoes
Half an onion
A few garlic cloves
Tablespoon of Olive Oil
Teaspoon of Balsamic Vinegar
Bread: French Baguette is the best to use.
Salt, Pepper, Basil leaves

These my friends, are the bootleg french baguette slices I will be using for you all tonight.
It was a snowy Saturday night at 9pm, and everyone was out of fresh bread. Go figure.
There will be a lot of bootlegness in this post, but I will guide you right I promise.
All jokes aside, these actually worked out really well, and they were really GOOD! 
I think the hardest thing about this post is making sure you have all of the ingredients. Ready?
Take your cherry tomatoes, cut them in half, cut the halves in half, then the halves of the halves in half.
Basically.. chop them up. Do the same for your garlic and your onion. NOW.. pictured above
is WAY to much onion for a normal person to use. But I’m not normal so its ok. Just make sure
to sparingly use onion or people will spit it in your face. Promise.
Once everything is chopped up toss it all in a bowl.

Sprinkle on some salt…

Sprinkle on some pepper..

Drizzle in your tablespoon of olive oil..

And give it a good mix.

Now drizzle in your teaspoon of balsamic vinegar. You may want to use half a teaspoon, but
remember I’m not normal.

Then give it another good mix being sure all ingredients combined.

NOW.. don’t be me and do the unthinkable. Don’t do what probably has my Italian grandmother rolling in her grave. But it wasn’t my fault. Did I mention my grocery store was out of EVERYTHING? Why is that? Why whenever a little coating (ok 7 inches) of snow falls down everyone rushes out and cleans the shelves? I don’t get it. This isn’t armageddon. But I digress.
I had to use dry basil leaves. Terrible. Don’t do it. Use fresh. 
Even though it does taste the same.

Sprinkle on a bunch of fresh (dry) basil leaves and sniff up the yummy aromas.

Now the fun yummy fattening but who cares part. Melt a chunk of butter (about a quarter of a stick)
on a sauce pan over medium heat. If you’re using fresh bread like you should be, I would say use half a stick. This will give your bread a beautiful brown coating and a delicious flavor. 
Since my bootleg bread is already pre toasted, we’re just doing this to warm them up.



Once melted, place down your baguettes and let them soak it up. Again if you’re using fresh, they are done when they have a nice golden-ish brown coating. Of course this step is totally optional, and you’re free to use cold, dry, boring bread.

Place your baguettes on a pretty dish

And pile it on BABY. Oh yes.

Oh oh pile it right on.

Give it a final sprinkle of basil (or even parsley) and make all your friends jealous.

You now have permission to die happy.
Try it out.

6 thoughts on “Bruschetta

  1. I looovveee bruschetta too! That looks delish and now I want to go make some. You should really get rid of non-stick pans when they get scratched like that though becuase that stuff comes off in your food and it's not good for you. Just a tip that I picked up from my mom who is obsessive about that!


  2. First, ^^^ is right. That coating, once it starts coming off, causes cancer.

    Second, bruschetta is amazing! I add mozzarella cheese and put it under the broiler. I adore burnt cheese.


  3. Mel,I made this tonight, using your recipe of course…and it was amazingly DELICIOUS!!!! I made two platefuls and hubby and I gobbled it down. Seriously, there was nothing left, that's how delectable they were!! Thank you so much Mel 🙂


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