10 Minute Pizza


Who does not love pizza?

In New York, we take pizza way out of control obsessive very seriously. 
We treat pizza like our first born children. Like a piece of 
glass balancing on our heads.
 Like sweet baby Jesus. Like –

I’ll stop. 

Just tell me when I’m becoming too much.

Actually don’t.

Today I give you – the 10 (non “from scratch”) minute pizza. 
AND it only takes 3 ingredients. 
AND it is delicious. 
AND people will come to your house and expect you to make it for them. 

Tortilla. Mozzarella. Tomato Sauce.
(In the video I used homemade marinara, and fresh mozzarella, but for the sake of time, I used to store bough stuff for this post)

DONE. Easy as pie. (cylinder bang) Pun intended.

Now will be the time to tell me I’m becoming too much.

ANYWAY- 3 ingredients. 10 minutes. You have pizza in your face. Lets go –

Place a piece of foil on a baking sheet.

Place a tortilla in the center, and dot a circle of sauce in the middle.

Work in a circle and spread it out to the edges. I like a lot of sauce, but you might not since you’re probably normal – so add however much you feel you need.

Next, sprinkle on some mozzarella cheese.


This next step is totally optional, and I decided to add it last minute. 


I chose onions and bell peppers. Just saute them up in some vegetable oil for
a few minutes to cook them through.

(In the video I used onion and arugula. Can you tell I change my mind a lot?)
Place on your toppings (or not if you decide not to use any)

Sprinkle on some basil or parsley (or not if you decide not to)

Then in the oven it goes for 10 minutes.

The tortilla will get crunchy and perfect and make for such a great thin crust pizza.

After 10 minutes your messiah will arrive in your oven and the angels will sing
a song of joy. How good does that look?!

Slice it up and eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This is a huuuuge money saver. 

In my local grocery store, a pack of 8 tortillas is $3.99.
Mozzarella cheese is about $4.50
Sauce is about $3.00.

That puts each pie (8) at under $1.50.
Amazing amazing amazing. 

Eat this for the rest of your life.


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