Slutty Brownies


I was being totally compulsive the other night and made these at 11pm and therefore the lighting is borderline embarrassing and I am way to tired to edit pictures.

Aren’t I the BEST blogger? I know I know, you don’t have to tell me.

I’m crazy – in the sense where I’m about to tell you that I don’t really like cookies. What? Who said that? Not me. I’ll deny this in front of a judge and probably lie to you a few posts from now just so I can cover up my secret. Its just.. I never got into cookies. Like into into. I prefer cupcakes. Or snickers bars. Or pizza. Or chinese take out.

BUT – These brownies. OH these brownies. I can’t. I live for them. I breathe for them. I’d run naked down Hollywood Boulevard wearing a sombrero with my face painted yellow if it meant I could have a bite of these. They are just that good. Lets not mention how I made these at 11pm, and sat up eating them while watching Frasier reruns all.night. Lets just not go there.

However, lets talk about just how easy these brownies are to make. Can we say all store bought, all boxed ingredients? Yes! Can we say it takes 5 minutes to prepare? Yes! Now don’t give me that look.

Of course you could make your own batter and dough from scratch, but sometimes you just need a brownie and quick. It has to fast and easy! They are called Slutty Brownies, after all. Aha! I crack myself up.

If you don’t make these, I’m done with you.

You’ll need: 1 Boxed Brownie Mix + ingredients it calls for, Cookie Dough, Oreos

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
Mix up your favorite brownie mix. I used Duncan Hynes. Or was it Pillsbury? I’ll never know

Take your cookie dough, mush it all together, and then spread it evenly at the bottom of a
baking dish lined with foil. I recommend coating the foil with cooking spray.

Now open up your oreo’s. I’m using the Halloween ones, because, well, I just need it to be
halloween already. I can’t wait any longer. Plus if you use the Halloween ones, it just
makes them extra cute and colorful and a really fun treat for the season.
Don’t question my antics.

Place oreos in a single layer on top of the cookie dough.

THEN, pour your brownie mix on top of the cookie dough/oreo combo.
In the oven it goes for 35-40 minutes depending on your oven.

Remove and let cool.
This last step will be hard as it just smells so good you won’t be able to control yourself.
Get it together man.

Once cooled, slice it up and taste a little piece of heaven.
Try these out!

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