Funfetti Rice Crispy Treats

I need to tell you a story.
Its about marshmallows and sprinkles and happiness and smiles and things that crunch in your mouth also known as rice crispy treats and you can eat 500 of them in 1 day and not gain a pound. Disregard that last part. I wish bed time stories were as magical as that when I was a kid. All I got was “I love you Forever”. Remember that book? With the little boy sitting on the bathroom floor by the toilet with his dads watch in his hand? DO YOU REMEMBER THAT BOOK? Does anyone know why someone let that child sit on the bathroom floor all day? What was wrong with the 90’s?
ANYWAY – I made these the other day. And well, they almost broke Mr.D and I up. We fought over them We literally fought over rice crispy treats. Who does that? I don’t know. Me and demented Mr.D apparently. We spilt them up evenly and put postie notes on our designated tupperware with notes that in a nut shell said things like “I’ll throw out your louboutins if you take one” and “Say goodbye to your Patriots jersey if I find one of mine missing”. Its love I tell you.

I was really excited to make these. I make them every fall, and to me, once I make them it officially becomes fall in this household. Next I’ll start making them with halloween sprinkles, then Thanksgiving sprinkles, moving on to Christmas, and Happy Birthday ones if I can squeeze them in. They literally take what.. 5 minutes to make, so there is no excuse why you can’t make them some point during this season. I’m watching you.

Also new in my life, I’m getting good with my camera. (Look sprinkles!!!) Mr.D bought me a Canon T3i for Christmas last year, and it took me that long to really figure out its capability. I originally wanted it for filming purposes, but now since I have this little blog, it came in good use. I’m still learning, and will probably pick up one of those fancy shmancy lenses and be all professional-lay.
Ok lets start this already.

Heat up a quarter of a stick of butter on medium-low in a sauce pan
Once melted, dump in an entire 10oz bag of mini marshmallows
Stir continuously while the marshmallows melt. I could seriously just eat it straight out of the
pot like that. I’m sure thats not healthy.
Once the mallows look like that^..

Dump in 6 cups of Rice Crispy cereal
Mix it up until all crispies are coated

THEN, folks, take 1/2 cup of yellow (or vanilla!) boxed cake mix

And dump it in! Yes! Do it. Life changing.
Mix it all up

Then the best part. Dump in a boat load of sprinkles. 
Mix up until everything is combined.

Place your crispy mixture in a baking pan

And flatten it out to fit and fill the edges.

Let sit for about 20-30 minutes before cutting.


I couldn’t wait.
Now run off and make these. TONIGHT


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