no bake cake pops

Have you ever had a cake pop? I’m sure you have. But have you ever made cake pops? Like, at home? With a cake? That you had to bake? I promise not to rhyme anymore. I discovered something recently. Something that was life changing and has enabled me to have cake pops whenever.i.want. Like whenever I want. And it involves no baking whatsoever and that is what heaven is. I think.

Have you ever needed cake pops ASAP? Got news of a girls night last minute and just needed something adorable to bring? Cake pops. CAKE POPS is the answer my friends. But wait – cake pops aren’t something you can just whip up with an hour to spare seeing as you still have to do your hair and makeup and pick out the cutest outfit ever and then go back upstairs and change into something else 3 times. 

By the way.. did I mention there is no baking involved?

You’ll need: A store bought cake. ( I used an Entenmann’s double chococlate fudge cake, which is to die for btw), Chocolate Chips, Lollipop Sticks, Decorations (Sprinkles, etc)

You see the beauty of using a store bought cake, is that it already has frosting on it. When making cake pops from scratch, you need to bake a cake, crumble it and then add a can of frosting to it.

By using a cake like the one shown above, you just have to crumble it all together!

I cut mine into slices because not only is this recipe good for quick and easy cake pops, it
is also great for when you don’t need a whole batch of them. You can literally make as many or as little as you need. Customizable desserts. I like it.

I scooped out 4 slices, which got me 5 cake pops. Figure 1 cake pop to a slice for medium sized ones. If you go with smaller rolls you can probably get double.

Now mush it all together with a fork (or your hands!) and form cake balls by rolling in your palm.

Like mentioned earlier, I was able to get 5 of them, however 1 isn’t shown. The picture looked better with just 4 lined up and since I’m a crazy person I think of these things and how it will haunt me if I didn’t line them up evenly.

Stop looking at me like that.

Now place them in the freezer to firm up a bit. About 15-20 minutes.

Take them out and stick a lollipop stick in each and back in the freezer they go for another 15 minutes.

While your pops are firming, put some chocolate chips in a bowl.

And form a double boiler.

Melt your chocolate chips slowly. We don’t want to burn them.

I burnt chocolate chips the other night and then cried 400 million tears.

You may want to add a scoop or 2 of vegetable shortening to smooth it out and make the chocolate more dunkable.

See how nice and pretty it is now?

Once melted, take a pop and dip it in the chocolate in 1 quick motion coating it entirely. 

Repeat with all and place them back on a foil lined plate, and decorate them to your liking. I am not a professional cake popper, in fact I kind of suck, but I just go with the whole “dredge them in sprinkles” technique so nobody dare questions me.

Now, in the fridge they go for as long as you can have them in there. I had 30 minutes before I had to leave, so I kept them in there for that time. 

If you’re having a party at home, placing each in its own paper liner and having them on a platter is a super cute idea. However today, I went with wrapping them up in baggies since I was handing them out to my girlfriends at a restaurant.

Either way – enjoy! xo Mel

7 thoughts on “no bake cake pops

  1. Thanks for the cake pops Mel! They were delich & my mom loved the one she bit in to. Shhh. She does not need to know you didn't bake them from scratch! ❤ lol xo


  2. I never thought of buying a store bought cake! Seriously loving all of your food posts. It helps me with figuring out what to cook for my boyfriend also haha! I hope you keep updating frequently 🙂


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