Brown Butter Herb Pasta

So I have this bag.
This bag of unwanted mix-matched pastas that I never really seem to get rid of but it never really seems to stop growing and sometimes I just look at it and scream “WHY” with my fists in the air and wonder if life will ever be okay again. 

This sort of thing is what happens when Mr. D walks into the kitchen while I’m cooking and says things like “Rigatoni? I really want  Penne.” “Spaghetti? I really want Cavatelli.” “Chicken again? I really want Ice Cream.” 

Effing Hell. So, I came up with this idea of the “Pasta bag”, totally creative I know, where I throw in the other half of the box of pasta that Mr. D JUST HAD TO HAVE, or else I’d live in a house just filled with half filled boxes of pasta from floor to ceiling. That sort of thing would totally cut into my TV time so I’m not looking for it to happen. Ala – pasta bag. And what do you do with random pastas that don’t match? Well, you make brown butter my dears.

I’m convinced brown butter is the answer to all problems. Don’t know what to make for dinner? Brown butter. Don’t know what to make for lunch? Brown Butter. Christmas dinner? Brown butter. School project? Brown butter.
Brown butter is God. Everything. The glue that holds my life together and the one thing I can eat that could totally make me forget what I was just about to say or what I was seriously about to type because yes I just forgot.

Now if you’re not familiar with browning butter, it is totally simple. You literally just brown the butter.
I know, right. And browned butter doesn’t taste like just any butter. The flavor is so intense you will probably eat it with a spoon as soup when nobody is looking.

Today we’re making herb-y brown butter, because I was feeling fancy. However, for plain ol’ regular browned butter, just skip the herb adding step. Oh and P.S the best part about this dish, is that there is infinite opportunity. It will taste SO different if you switch up your herbs every time you make it. It might taste smokey, it might taste buttery, it might taste rosemary-ish. Infinite I tell you.

Scoop some butter into a sauce pan heating on medium. For 1 pound of pasta I usually use 5-6 tablespoons. Let melt, then add in your herbs. I used basil and thyme. Whisk it all in and then DONT STOP! For nothing. Make the UPS guy wait. Once you start whisking you can’t look back.

Whisk until bubbly, about 3 minutes, then add in a tablespoon or two of milk. Remove from heat immediately. Pour on pasta and serve.



4 thoughts on “Brown Butter Herb Pasta

  1. Pasta bag, genius! I don't know why I haven't thought of something like that. And brown butter is heaven. I just found my next lazy night dinner 🙂


  2. Jenn! Thank goodness for D and his annoyingness because that pasta bag truly saves my life for dinner sometimes! Plus its fun to eat a plate of pasta that doesn't match. You never know what you'll get! : )


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