So long, 2012!

2012 was an eventful year..

In the spring we went to Boston for the first time, D threw me a surprise party, and we forgot summer was around the corner and pigged out on everything.

In the summer we went to Las Vegas, hosted a ton of barbecues, and relaxed our weekends away on a rooftop.

We also went to Paris, France and had the time of our lives.

We’ll be back.
In the fall we celebrated my grandfathers 80th birthday..
Went to a pumpkin patch..
Ate out a lot..

And celebrated Debo’s 1st birthday!
I had the amazing opportunity to produce Halloween makeup tutorials for Party City in which you can watch here, here, and here. We got stuck in the house for 3 days when Super storm Sandy came through our city. We had friends over the whole time and it ended up being a great experience for us.

In November we hosted a Friendsgiving at the house to celebrate the holiday with the other part of our “family”.

In the winter we put up the tree, wrapped gifts, lounged around the house and probably ate too much take out.
I was invited to an amazing event for North Shore Animal League, and got the chance to meet with Cesar Millan. (he was so nice!)
We tried to stuff in as many Christmasy days as we could because we knew it would soon be over.
2012 was a great year. I made amazing new friends, said goodbye to some not so amazing ones, and just had the best time. Bringing my blog back to life was such a great decision for me this year, and I am so happy to be able to share this all with you.

Heres to 2013!
I’m ready for you.


  1. Danielle – That is the Canon T3i with the kit lens. AWESOME CAMERA! Definitely consider it! It was my first DSLR and is totally beginner friendly!


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