Peanut Sauce

Once upon a time I burnt peanut butter while trying to make peanut sauce.
I didn’t even think that was possible. To burn peanut butter? I mean, I guess you can burn anything, but when do you ever hear about somebody burning peanut butter? It just doesn’t happen. Only the in-happenable happens to me. Really. Its like chaos finds me. Yolo.

I’ll never say that again I promise. But what I will say, is that after attempting peanut sauce the second time around and totally ix-aying on the whole heating up peanut butter thing, it worked. And I love it.

Peanut Sauce
2 T Peanut Butter
2 T Water
1 T Soy Sauce
1 T Honey
1 t Chili Pasteย 
Place all ingredients in a bowl and whisk until fully combined and smooth. Use right away as a dipping sauce or on meats. Can be kept in the fridge for up to 1 week when sealed.


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