65 Calorie "Pancakes"

You know when you just need a freeeeeeakin’ pancake in your face? Like, every sunday morning when your body is craving something other then tequila shots from the weekend and you end up stuffing your face with sugar and junk and things that are actually amazing in taste but horrible for our waist lines and then you end up writing run on sentences?

Or what about when you just really need a pancake but you’re all like “self, you can’t have pancakes today because its now april and we have to care about all of those cute summer dresses we just bought.”?

Enter.. these pancakes
Can we talk about these pancakes? How I’ve been basically dying to make them for so long? And how they’ve been haunting me on pinterest almost every single day and how I finally made them over the weekend?

They have officially become my new favorite breakfast food. Which in reality also means my new favorite lunch food + my new favorite dinner food. I hope Mr. D doesn’t mind.
65 Calorie “Pancakes”

1 Egg
1 Banana 
Cookie Spray
*Chocolate Chips + pancake syrup are bonuses and not included in the 65 cal configuration.

Heat a skillet on medium heat and give it a coat of cooking spray. In a bowl, mash up a banana until mush, then add in your egg. Mix together until smooth. Pour mixture into skillet and cook like you would actual pancakes. (flip when you see the edges starting to bubble)

I was able to get 3 medium sized pancakes with this recipe. I also added chocolate chips and some syrup to mine, but will try it out with fresh berries next!

*{these do have a banana taste to them so if you’re not a fan of banana keep that in mind.}
*{i’m unsure of the original credit for this recipe as its been bouncing around pinterest by different users.}


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