A sweet day made sweeter.

I think New York City may have experienced a heat wave yesterday which means its officially time for me to complain about how hot it is everyday. Whhhhy does New York have such hot summers? And why did I decide to wear long sleeves on one of these hot days? The world may never know.

But despite the hotness, Mr. D and I spent the day down by ground zero, where we got the chance to check out the new Freedom Tower (pictured above), and hang around by the water pretending like it wasn’t 90 degrees out.
{outfit details: top – nastygal // belt – forever 21 // bag – justfab // pants – h&m // shoes – steve madden}
“Hi my name is Mel, aka the only person wearing long sleeves in this weather”

When I was out in Ohio a few months back to hang out with Wendy’s, I had my very first Frosty. It was probably one of the best tasting things that I have ever consumed. Creamy, light, and seriously amazing. I couldn’t believe how I had never tried one before especially since Mr. D could live off of Wendy’s alone and be totally content. Men are so simple.

So when I recently got the scoop about Wendy’s coming out with waffle cones for their Frosty’s, and how I’ve been missing out even more, we had to stop in a grab a few. 

Its like New York knew I would be out on a hot day and would need something to cool me off. I think the stars might be aligned. Someone get me a lotto ticket.
And can I just say, the waffle cones made it even better. So good, Mr. D got two for himself. 1 vanilla, 1 chocolate. Because I mean why not? Why not have one of each?
Look at the excitement/annoyance for bothering me with a picture while I have my Frosty splashed across my face. Pure bliss I tell you. Pure bliss.

Please make it your business to have a Frosty Waffle Cone today.


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