summer adventure bucket list.

Today, I’m super excited to share with you all Food and the City’s second post with ICE BREAKERS DUO®! As I mentioned previously, ICE BREAKERS DUO® mints, invited Food and the City to be a blogger spokesperson for the BREAK THE ICE™ campaign! I am so honored and thrilled to be apart of it, and I hope you all enjoy my summer adventures bucket list!

With summer finally here, I plan to make the most of my days by going on fun adventures with friends, trying new activities and meeting new people along the way! I am honored to have teamed up with ICE BREAKERS DUO® Mints to share these tips on how to BREAK THE ICE™ while making new friends and creating happy memories. 

To kick off the first official month of summer, I’m sharing my personal adventure list of BREAK THE ICE™ activities and encouraging you to follow along with me: 

Take a cooking class Scour daily deals for group cooking classes and sign up for one that peaks your interest. As a food enthusiast, I love to spend time in the kitchen and think it’s even more fun to cook with others! Like most, I have a list of my go-to recipes, but am always interested in trying new ones, like making homemade sushi! I hope to tackle the art of sushi making this summer! I love the idea of adding new unique dishes to my recipe repertoire and meeting new foodies in the process. This summer, I plan to sign up for a couple classes to meet new friends with similar interests!

Visit your local dog park One of my favorite outdoor activities is taking my dog Debo for a jog to the dog park to get in some extra summer exercise! This summer, I plan on mingling more with other dog-lovers like myself while playing at the park. There are lots of online communities and groups to coordinate dog meet-ups and it’s a great way to meet other dog lovers. Don’t have a dog? Tag along with an outgoing friend who does and make a point to introduce yourselves to five people at the park! 

Volunteer your time Organize a group to get together and put your energy towards a cause that’s close to your heart, like cleaning up a local stream or volunteering at a homeless shelter. Ask that everybody bring a friend and you will expand your social circle in addition to leaving with a feeling of accomplishment! Don’t forget to pack ICE BREAKERS DUO® Mints to keep fresh and help BREAK THE ICE when chatting with your new friends. 

Join a running club Get outside and have some fun this summer! To be more active, I’m hoping to sign up for a 5K. Having a goal will encourage me to join a weekly running group, which is a great way to meet new people and explore the hidden pockets of my city that I’ve never seen before. 

Host a closet swap party Get together with a group of your girlfriends and ask them each to bring along a friend! Have each person bring 2-3 items from their closet that they’d be interested in trading off for something else. Swap and switch items with each other while learning a bit of everyones own closet personality, and maybe run into some funny stories about each piece along the way!

Visit for more ideas on how to BREAK THE ICE™ this summer and don’t forget to share your summer adventures on Twitter and Instagram using the #breaktheice hashtag! 

*Disclosure: I was invited by The Hershey Company to be a blogger spokesperson for the ICE BREAKERS DUO® Mints BREAK THE ICE™ campaign. This post is one piece of that partnership. All expressed opinions are my own.


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