how i’m surviving summer. (beauty)

Today, lets talk about ways we can survive summer. How to stop our faces from melting perhaps? As most of you know, I am in Las Vegas until the end of the month while my boyfriend competes in the word series of poker. Know what that means? That means – 1) lots of these collage lists things since they are just so fun to make, and 2) my face has been melting since the best way to describe the weather here is by sticking your face into an oven.

I’ve had all of these items on hand to help my face survive during the day, and now I am sharing them with you! And look – I even through in my current favorite nail polish. Randomz I know. But its pretty.

shown above:

1.butter LONDON, fruit machine 2. urban decay de slick oil control setting spray 3. urban decay de-slick mattifying powder 4. St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse, 8.0-Fluid Ounces Pump Bottle 5. origins vitaZing SPF 15 energy-boosting moisturizer


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