san diego, ca

life is about doing random things. and this past week, we did something random. we took a random trip out to san diego for a couple of days. why not, right? i’ve been to california, but never san diego so obviously this was a big deal. plus – it just seemed like the thing to do seeing as we arrrre already here on the west coast and plane tickets are so much cheaper when you’re already half way to the destination. duh.

so on the first day, we hit up a padres vs orioles game and took a trip out to the san diego zoo. the weather was perfect and the zoo was freakin beautiful. seriously, i didn’t think a zoo could be so beautiful. i wanted to move in.ย 

word on the street is that you can’t go to san diego and not check out old town. so thats what we did. its like, the cutest freeeakin town ever. everything is very “old western” and you just want to lay on the ground and sleep there for 10 years.

my favorite part? coronado island. oh-my.god. it is so beautiful. so so so soย stinking beautiful. i could have just spent the entire trip there. the pictures speak for themselves, but no for real, you have to check it out. put that shiz on your bucket list. now.

thanks for being so magical, san diego.

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