thanksgiving table essentials

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and you may or may not be freaking out. Maybe your hosting it for the first time this year? Or maybe your friend asked you to help her host it? Either way – Thanksgiving can either run smoothly, or be a total disaster if you’re not prepared.

I’ll get into how to host the perfect Thanksgiving in a few days, but lets get started with what essentials you’ll need in order to get your table in tip, top, Thanksgiving shape!

A good set of serving trays. You’ll obviously be serving different dishes at the same time, so making sure you have an array of cute serving dishes is a must have. Nothing it worse than realizing last minute you don’t have anything to put the butter rolls on, or to put the extra mac n’ cheese in. It really is the worst. Been there, done that, wore that T-Shirt girlfriend. I really love this leave print patterned tray from Pier 1 since its super festive, but I especially love this double sided serving platter from Target! Its the perfect dish to put two complimenting sides together! 

Silverware and Glassware. If you’re like me, you have a variety of wine glasses that really don’t match. Some you got from Home Goods, some you got from Pier 1, and some say Happy Birthday on them from all those years you got wine glasses from your friends. I tots get you. However, if you’re planning on hosting Thanksgiving (or any future holiday for that matter) its best to get a nice, grown up set of glasses and silverware to set out on your table. That goes for a good ol’ wine carafe, too! I love the shape of this flatware set from Pier 1 shown above. Its modern, but still classic, and will probably last you years. 

{photo source + turkey recipe}

Obviously, something to cook the turkey in. Granted, you caaaan roast your turkey in any deep baking dish that you may already own, however – having a pan that is specifically dedicated to roasting will ensure your turkey cooks evenly. An evenly cooked turkey is a happy turkey, and a happy turkey is a successful Thanksgiving!

Table decorations. Decorating your table is a key factor in setting your Thanksgiving mood. Like I previously mentioned, I’ll touch more on setting the mood for your party soon, but getting your table ready is the first step. Pick up some super festive fabric napkins, and maybe even tuck a cute ‘welcome’ note in between the folded edges. The centerpiece is everything, so choose something that is pretty, but nothing overly big that you have to remove in order to fit all of the food. I always love candles wrapped in seasonal decor for a cute, easy centerpiece. Plus, chances are you already have the candles!

Extras. If you think you have enough of those silver baking trays, you don’t. Buy more. You’ll always find use for them even if you end up with leftover, but its always good to have them on hand day of just in case. Find yourself a good cook book (or food blog), and plan out which recipes you want to use. I included the ‘50 Shades of Chicken‘ cook book since I personally have it and love referring to it when I have guests over for dinner. My Thanksgivings almost always include some sort of chicken dish as well, so its just something to consider. 

All in all the first step to hosting a great Thanksgiving is to relax and breathe! Nobody likes to see the host ripping her hair out, so just chill. Now.. get out there and start planning! Xo M

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