Sauza-rita Margarita Cocktail #MargaritaMoment

Do you ever just sit-back with your friends and go over all of the crazy/embarrassing things that have happened lately? You went out last Friday, and totally slipped and fell in front of the cutest guy in the room? Um.. *hides face*. Why is the cutest guy always standing there when we fall? What horrible thing did we do in our past life for this to be a regular occurrence? Dang you, Louboutins.;postadid=5000171009

Or what about that time you left your house in sweats, no makeup, and your hair in a messy bun, only to run right into your ex and his new love interest? Can we say #MargaritaMoment? I feel like, around here, we have #MargaritaMoments all too often which always call for indulging in a yummy sauza-rita.
Plus, with Cinco de Mayo only a few days away, this is a great cocktail to whip up and enjoy with your friends while discussing your latest #MargaritaMoments! 

Sauza-rita Margarita Cocktail 

Serves 1
1 1/2 ounces Sauza® Blue Silver 100% Agave Tequila
1/4 bottle light beer 
1/4 can frozen limeade 
1 lime, juiced 
handful of ice for glass + additional ice for chilling
salt for rim *optional

Salt the rim of your glass if you prefer, then add in some ice to get a nice chill going. Combined all ingredients into a shaker filled with ice and shake two or three times. Strain margarita into your chilling glass and top with fresh limes slices. Enjoy!

Nothing’s more relaxing than a cool desert breeze blowing across your tired shoulders. Oh wait. That’s the breath of a man who has something very important to tell you. He’s the cowboy. And he’s here to help you relax after ahard day on the ranch. When he’s not rounding up baby cattle, he’s rounding up ingredients for the perfect Sauza®-rita. Learn how to make it with him on your next ladies’ night in:

* *Food and the City is happy to announce that we are now Sauza Tequila ambassadors until September 2014! Compensation has been provided by Sauza Tequila via Glam Media. Enjoy, and remember to drink responsibly!

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