Top 10 Pizza Places In NYC #NYTough

You know just as well as us, that New York City is home to some of the best pizza joints in the country. With 5 separate boroughs, each with it’s one pizza personality, the options are truly endless. Because of the bottomless options of pizza places, we rounded up 10 of our absolute favorites (in no particular order).

1) Lombardi’s Pizza: More notably America’s First Pizzeria, this place has been serving up traditional pies since 1905. Be prepared to wait for a table, but we promise, it’s worth it.

2) Grimaldi’s: Head to the original Brooklyn location for a pie that will blow your mind. Easily one of the most popular pizza joints in NYC, go check it out for yourself!
3) Zero Otto Nove: Located in the real Little Italy of New York, this gem is nestled right on Arthur Avenue. Get the margherita!ย 
4) Luzzo’s: Often claimed that it’s the best Bufala Neapolitan-style pie around, you’ll just have to dive right in and see for yourself.
5) Vezzo Thin Crust: A true thin-crust style pie. Everything is customizable, and the list of possible toppings is endless! I love to load up on veggie toppings here, partly because I can, and partly to make it seem a bit more healthier in my little mind.
6) NY Pizza Supreme: Where do folks who work in midtown go for their pizza pleasure? They go to NY Pizza Supreme. Located in one of the busier parts of the city, you’ll see suits and ties, construction workers, and over-worked, tired personal assistance grabbing their slice to go from this pizza heaven.
7) L&B Spumoni Gardens: Anytime you head to Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn, you’re in for a treat. They are famous for their sicilian pies, in which case there really is no other reason to go here unless you’re going to be getting that.ย 
8) Nick’s Pizza: We don’t head to Queens often, but when we do, we always make it our business to hit up Nick’s Pizza. One of the more affordable options for a gourmet-style pie, who are also known just as much for their amazing calzones as they are for their delicious pies.
9) F&J Pine: If you have lived in NYC your entire life, you know about The Pine, and how much of a local favorite it is. Cooking up authentic Italian dishes since the beginning of time, their Rustica Pizza is one our head-honcho, Mel’s, favorite pies.
10) Patsy’s Pizzeria: Located in East Harlem, Pasty’s is one of the originals to serve up a classic coal oven pie. New locations for this pizza Godsend have been popping up all over the tri-state, so be sure to stop into one soon and smother yourself with some carbs!
And just incase you’re more into getting your hands dirty for yourself, here’s our traditional marghertia pie, which to date is one of our most popular recipes of all time.
With all this pizza eating, your breath is probably going to be kickin’. Not a bad thing, since, well, hello.. pizza! But, definitely a bad thing if you’re hitting up each spot with a new beau (or two.. we don’t judge), and may need some help in the fresh breathe department.ย 
Enter Crest! Food and the City’s new bestest pal. Fighting garlicky pizza breath since 1955. You’ll want to keep crest products handy, especially Crest mouthwash products, to keep your breath smelling (and tasting!) delicious while keeping that #NYTough attitude.
And I know from experience, folks. Don’t ask me how, but let’s just say.. there wasn’t a date #2. Which was fine with me, because then less pizza to share ammiright?
*Sponsored by P&G brands! Thanks for supporting the brands that support Food and the City!

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