I recently had the opportunity to chat with Dylan Grosz, a man who challenged Chipotle and ate 35 burritos in 5 days, and learned 6 tricks to maximizing his Chipotle order. With company write-offs at hand, he set off to discover a way to increase your burrito by 86% without spending any additional money. Dylan carefully separated the ingredients, weighing each one, and calculated the perfect “burrito algorithm”, if I may.
Here are 6 Chipotle hacks to shoving as much Mexican-goodness into your face as possible.

Tip 1: Get a burrito bowl with a tortilla on the side.
Tip 2: Double wrapping (you can request an additional tortilla at no extra charge)
Tip 3: Order both kinds of rice.

Tip 4: Order both types of beans
Tip 5: Order 1/2 of two different meats for 54% more.
Tip 6: Secret ingredients that are actually free, that employees tend to not mention.

The result? A burrito coming in at 32 ounces. That’s gigantic, folks, and it didn’t cost you even an extra penny. Pretty impressive, right?

For a more detailed look at this experiment, head over to the original article on Apartment List and eat on!


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