Where To Eat, Drink & Stay In Miami

I went behind your back and recently went to Miami without ever mentioning it on here. And by recently, I mean yesterday. I was out there on behalf of European Wax Center, to help celebrate the winner of the Summer Goddess Search! While out there, we had the opportunity to explore a bit, and find some pretty dope places that are worth talking about. I know I try to keep this little blog mainly about New York spots, but when this gal gets to travel, she wants to tell you about all of the booze and eats that this world has to offer. While there’s no place like New York for chowing down and making bad alcohol-infused decisions, Miami was a pretty close second.
Below you’ll find 7 places we visited that I need you to know about. I wish we had more time to check out some more places, but I guess we’ll just have to go back.

1) YardBird: YardBird is one of those places that you go to when you’re craving comfort food, but you still feel like wearing pretty shoes. It’s decor is what I’d like to explain as barn-chic, with wooden tables and gorgeous mason jar lighting. You sort of feel like you’re at the wedding of one of your exceptionally hip friend. Their menu features traditional southern dishes like Chicken & Waffles, and also puts a fun twist on more modern farm-to-table cuisine.
2) Nikki Beach: If you’re looking to lounge out at one of the most beautiful venues in South Beach, Nikki Beach is your place. With crisp white cushions lining comfortable sun beds and lounge chairs, Nikki Beach brings the class and ass that you’re probably looking for. 

3) The Broken Shaker: The Broken Shaker, located inside of the FreeHand Hotel, is a favorite amongst locals and tourists alike. Its super chill vibe and poolside space leaves you feeling at ease while you sip on one of their amazing cocktails. The Broken Shaker now holds the trophy for the greatest margarita I’ve ever had in my life, and that my friends is a very powerful statement.
4) The W South Beach: The W South Beach is by far one of the most stunning hotels that I’ve had the pleasure of visiting. They without a doubt got down to every last detail within the craft of their design, from the interesting bathroom layout, to the gorgeous outdoor pool deck. If you’re looking for a place that screams sexy sophistication, you’ll find it at the W South Beach.
5) Wet Willies: If frozen drinks are your thing, Wet Willies is definitely worth checking out. With 10+ different flavors, you’ll be sure to find something you like. Not to mention, these drinks are STRONG, so you’ll be singing American Girl by Tom Petty in no time. The crowd isn’t always the most, shall we say – not douchey – but hey, this is Miami after all.
6) Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink: While I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting this establishment myself, Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink is one that the locals swear by. I meant to check it out while we were in Miami, but somehow it slipped my mind, and part of me regrets it terribly. I still had to add it to the list, though, since 1000+ positive reviews on Yelp can’t be wrong.

7) Thompson Miami Beach: Last but not least, the hotel we stayed in: Thompson Miami Beach. Everything about the Thompson screams of the Miami-retro era. It’s an adorable boutique hotel that dances around a Latin vibe, and you could swear Elvis would have definitely been a regular. Aside from the gorgeous, yet relaxing, two-sided pool, the Thompson also features a private beach lined with colorful striped lounge chairs and umbrellas. The staff is A+ and the location right on Collins Avenue is the perfect spot for escaping the typical Miami noise, while still being apart of the action.
I already miss you, Miami.

Check out Where To Eat, Drink & Stay in Miami
by Mel Rose at Mode



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