ORLANDO, FL: Ravello

Today’s post comes from Food and the City contributor Maria N of Orlando, FL!
If you’re looking for luxurious Italian food near the Walt Disney World Resort area then you have to check out the Ravello at the Four Seasons in Orlando. Here you can dine on some updated classics but also enjoy a nightly fireworks display courtesy of nearby Epcot and Magic Kingdom. One of my favorite things to do to spice up a boring weeknight is to dine at a hotel and then walk the grounds and do some exploring. 

In lieu of an appetizer we ordered the Margherita pizza which I highly suggest doing especially if you are in the mood to have a pasta course and you’re at a place known for its pizza. That way you have the best of both worlds and it’s a more fun alternative to ordering a bruschetta or antipasto app. The crust had just the right amount of crunch while the center of the pie was thin and savory. They did not skimp out on the cheese which of course I loved, and the basil was sprinkled in all the right places.

We also ordered the Arancini al Brasato which was the most amazing arancini I have ever tried. They were made with carnaroli rice and braised short rib which made it absolutely delectable. The arancini had the perfect amount of crunch on the outside while being smooth and chewy on the inside. The marinara sauce that was paired with it was the perfect compliment. These little balls of goodness were definitely the stars of the night. 
For main courses we shared the Stracci and the Papardelle. The Stracci was a very long and wide ribbon pasta. It was folded in with a very decadent and creamy limoncello sauce, that had a light orange almost coral color. The pasta had plenty of shrimp and a generous amount of lobster and calamari. It was like having a crab bisque and pasta dish fuse into one. 
The Papardelle was prepared with a meat Bolognese sauce and plenty of Pecorino cheese. The pasta was a much thinner ribbon than the Stracci but was still very soft and delectable. The sauce was very meaty and hearty and the perfect Italian comfort dish. 

The location makes you feel like you’ve escaped on a mini vacation, even if only for a few hours. The décor is modern with sleek clean lines, it’s definitely the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion or to just shake up your work week. There is also an outdoor dining option where you can enjoy views of the Four Seasons resort. 
Final rating: 9/10
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