Cinnamon Apple Rum Shots

Will there ever be a better combo than one that involves apples and cinnamon? I mean, besides garlic & oil, tomatoes and mozzarella, chocolate and wine – now I’m hungry. But really, out of all of the combos out there, the greatest fall combo in the entire universe is apple and cinnamon. Don’t even try to fight me on this. Apples and cinnamon take the cake, always.
Also, since we’re officially in our last month (!!!) of fall, I’m trying to find ways to incorporate apples and cinnamon into my everyday life as often as I can. Like with these cinnamon apple rum shots. Not that I take cinnamon apple rum shots everyday. I mean, for like, the weekends and stuff. You know – when it’s socially acceptable to take shots and not at 7pm on a Tuesday night because lol sometimes #life is hard but not like I know from experience and I’ll stop speaking now.
I’m thinking since it’s almost the weekend, and fall is almost over, you should probably make a shaker or two of these shots to pour out for your friends (or yourself) to make the season last as long as you can.
Cinnamon Apple Rum Shots

makes 2
2oz rum of choice
1/2 oz IZZE Sparkling Apple
dash of cinnamon
brown sugar to coat rim

Wet the rim of two shot glasses with water and dip them into brown sugar. Add ice, rum, IZZE Sparking Apple, and a dash of cinnamon to a cocktail shaker and shake for 1 minute. Strain liquid into the shot glasses and serve while still chilled. 

Enjoy and drink responsibly!


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