Grapefruit & Basil Mimosa’s

Have you ever been in a situation where things go 0-100 real quick, Drizzy Drake style? One minute you’re sitting there thinking about taking a trip, and the next thing you know you’re browsing the web for vacation destinations and packages. You send out a group email with all of the details, narrow down who can swing it, and bam – you’re on your way to Costa Rica.

Maybe you’re standing there, looking at your bed, and you think to yourself “Man, white sheets would look really good under that caramel-colored down comforter.”The next thing you know you’re on your way to Anthropologie to pick up a brand new set of overpriced sheets.
I had one of those moment the other day. 
I went to sleep thinking about brunch, which led me to think about pancakes, which then led me to think about mimosas. I realized I hadn’t had a good mimosa in so long, seeing as most NYC spots tend to make them by the pitcher in order to save time while serving the hungover masses of people crowding their establishment. It was in that moment that I made an executive decision to get mimosa drunk on a Tuesday afternoon while coming up with this recipe.
That being said, my nonexistent self-control has brought us to these Grapefruit & Basil Mimosa’s for you to get through the rest of the week with try this weekend. A sway away from a traditional mimosa, but there’s basically nothing traditional about me, so here you go.

Grapefruit & Basil Mimosa’s

makes 4
2 bottles of IZZE Sparkling Grapefruit
1 bottle of Champagne
Basil for garnish

For each mimosa, combined three parts of your favorite champagne to one part Sparkling Grapefruit. Soda. Garnish with a basil leaf and enjoy!


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