Things Aren’t Always Black & White

I can find inspiration from pretty much anything. Today, I was sitting at my computer, suffering through one of life’s most miserable pleasures *writers block*, when I noticed that 80% of the items within close proximately to me were in shades of black and white. My bedroom, if you couldn’t guess, is mainly made up of black, white, and gold decor. There is something about this trio of color (or lack thereof) that makes me feel like I’m sitting in an luxurious oasis. I picture penthouses overlooking Central Park being decorated this way. I don’t have car, but when I was a kid, I always wanted a white BMW, black interior, with gold trim around my steering wheel. Even back then I knew what I liked, and 20 years later, I’m still obsessed. Not sure what made me choose BMW, though.
It’s funny how certain things stay with you as you get older. I also wanted to be a teacher, and as you can tell, that went over real well. I barely finished school, and when I was old enough to understand how long it took in schooling to become an academic professional, I gracefully bowed out of that dream. Some might call that giving up or throwing in the towel on myself. I call that the universe putting me back on the path that I was supposed to go. And apparently, that path is a writer who is obsessed with all thing black, white, and gold.

Also, who are we kidding when we post photos like these? I can tell you with pure honesty that these photos were 100% staged. They were poked, prodded, and constructed to result in the perfect “my life is actually always this pretty” photo. Those sunglasses were moved about 300 times. The wallet was removed and then placed back in position. All lipsticks were ready for their close ups, but were twisted to show less or more color a few times. It’s funny that we find a messy desk glamourous, but half the time it takes 20 minutes to produce one photo.
On that note, keep in mind, things aren’t always so black & white.

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