Labor Day Food Ideas/Recipes

Did someone hit me over the head 5 or 600 times that caused my brain to completely bypass summer and then wake up at the end of August wondering where. the hell. it went? Anybody? Nobody? Is this thing on?
Labor Day is this weekend, aka the end of summer, and wrapping my head around that is quite the strenuous task. Don’t even bother asking me what I did over the summer, because I would have nothing more to say other then: ate, drank, slept, ran off hangovers, and maybe participated in 1 or 2 questionable activities. I guess it was fun, but uh.. I don’t remember much.
ANYWAY – before I out my own party habits, lets talk about all of the god damn amazing EATS that are to be had over the next few days. Below are some great ideas that live on Food and the City, that I’m preeeettttay sure would make for some excellent choices no matter what your Labor Day plans involve. Even if it’s just binge watching Shameless on Netflix, I’m not here to judge. You do you, booboo.

Happy Labor Day! Don’t die.

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