Fall Style ~ BEANIE HATS

Every year, right around this time, I tend to forget that it’s still hot in New York City and start focusing more on my fall wardrobe. 85 degrees outside? “No problem” – I say to myself – “I’ll just wear this here heavy flannel button-up top with daisy duke shorts to balance it out.” The result? Getting 5 blocks from my apartment before the first salty drop of sweat drips down my forehead and then I’m all like “what is my life even”
But, just like the character of your ex-boyfriend, somethings never change, and here I am; September 21st, 2016 talking about beanie hats and fall attire. However, it must be noted that at least I waited until the day before fall (!!!omg!!!) to assault your faces with materials and fabrics that you probs don’t want to see right now.
For starters, we need to talk about my new favorite brand, RELLA. If you know me personally, and I apologize if you do, you’ll know that I show up to pretty much everywhere sporting a beanie hat the second a red leaf hits the grass of Central Park. When I got an eye-full (is that even a word?) of RELLA’s new catalog, I knew I had just found the sole supplier of my 2016 headpiece collection.
I have a thing for pom-poms. I think they’re cute, flirty, and just overall extremely cozy looking. I’m also really excited that we started clipping pom-poms onto our purses, because I like touching them and squeezing them and I will most certainly pet yours if you ever come in contact with me.
Anyway – when I saw the Softy hat, I knew it had to be mine. Equipped with two detachable poms, the fabric is so soft and the stitching is perfect for obtaining that slouchy look. I went with this chestnuty color, since I love the way that shade contrasts with my black hair. Plus, chestnut is the black of both fall and winter; it goes with everything.
Headbands are a new thing for me, but I think it’s because I finally started to embrace my love for head pieces over the summer. Chains, crowns, you name it – I bough em’ and I wore em’. Now that we’re transitioning into a new season, it seemed only right to pick up a more suitable candidate for the changing weather. I went with the Lea.

Lastly, everyone needs a basic beanie in their wardrobe. Something without pom-poms, something without stripes. Just a basic, soft, solid color that will take you through the season and match with pretty much anything in your closet. The Cloud will be that staple for me. Unbelievably soft, you have to feel it to believe it. The fabric is sturdy enough to stick up, but light enough to achieve the slouch, which is everything you want in a beanie.

So yea, hats. I kind of love them, and if you do to, I highly recommend checking out RELLA for some new ones. The good news? Right now RELLA is running a deal where you can save 24% off your entire order just by signing up with your email address until September 30th! So treat yourself to a fall welcoming present, and go jump in a pile of leaves.


* Thank you to my friends at RELLA for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own. 


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