FASHION: Layering Tips For Fall

Girls everywhere are rejoicing because they can finally walk around in their yoga pants drinking a ~pumpkin spice latte~ and talk about how much they love fall. They can finally start putting together outfits to wear to the pumpkin patch and practicing their poses for the ultimate #FallGoals Instagram photo. Of course, fall would be nothing without the fashion. See, when fall comes along, we get to change up the way we dress—goodbye, shorts, and hello, flannel! Heading into a new season is like a chance to start fresh. When you’re wearing a new wardrobe, you feel a little bit different, and it’s honestly the best.
Now that we’ve officially entered the autumn season, there are a lot of fashion opportunities among us. Some people will go out and buy all the hottest trends, wear them all in a row, then have nothing unique to don after a week. Although you’d most certainly have a super-stylish week, I don’t recommend doing that. Instead, you should practice your layering skills so you can create endless interesting outfits and never feel like you’ve hit a dead-end. When it comes to layering for fall, there are some fun techniques I think you’re going to like…
Shirts under dresses

You might slightly remember this look from the ‘90s, and like the other trends from the millennials’ decade, the shirt-under-dress look has resurfaced. Just slip a tighter fitting tee or turtleneck under your simple spaghetti-strap dresses, and you’re completely ~*on-trend*~. It’s perfect for making slip dresses last through cooler weather, and you can always change out which shirt you layer. Literally, just watch Clueless 3 or 4 times and you’ll master this look in no time.
Socks with heels

Don’t let those open-toed shoes stay unworn in your closet all through the cold seasons. There is an easy remedy to this technique: just wear socks with your heelsBustle gives a good overview of how to do it, but it’s quite easy so long as you go with your gut and can get a feel for what goes and what needs to be tweaked. It might take some experimenting, but that’s half the fun! Also, who honestly keeps up with pedicures during the colder months? Like, nobody.
Tights under shorts

If you’re having a hard time saying goodbye to your shorts (ME), make them last a little longer by layering tights underneath them. You can do the same with skirts, but tights with shorts are a little more edgy and unexpected. Just make sure you coordinate your shoe choice—toed tights look pretty weird with open-toed shoes. Try pairing them with flats or fun sneakers instead.
Denim under or over anything

Denim is having a major moment (and has been for a while now), which means it’s pretty much acceptable to wear it everywhere and anywhere. Layer a denim shirt under a sweater for a cool vibe, or wear a denim jacket over one of the many trendy tops featured on Lyst. There’s really no wrong way to do denim, which makes it the easiest layering idea this fall. Plus, you’ll be making your mom proud, seeing as most of us 80’s and 90’s babies were dresses to DA NINEZ in denim. I actually remember having a denim bow for my hair. True story.

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