#TBT: Solo Trip to Italy

It’s been 9 months since my little feet touched down in Rome. 9 months, 3 seasons, and still, I can still remember what the air smelt like. Much like you’d expect, an aroma of garlic, basil, and expensive cologne drifted throughout the air on a daily basis. That same air, which by the way was probably the most exquisite air that has ever touched my skin, whisked me away everyday on adventures I never thought imaginable.
Not because these adventures were wild or unrealistic, but because me, a 24-year old girl from the Bronx would ever just *get up*, leave, and head to a new country without a plan. You know, the same girl who had a plan for everything. The girl who would wake up everyday and already start thinking about the next day. The girl who never lived in the moment, but instead – the future.
I like to think I’ve always been a dreamer. Someone who always had this caged bird inside of her that was begging to sore. When I made the decision to head to Italy, that little canary was finally free to fly. Quite literally, since contrary to what you might think, one of my biggest fears is flying.
While I’ve written countless amounts of articles about my experience in Italy (you can read a few of those here, here, and here), I couldn’t help but want to dedicate today’s throwback post to it once more. Partly because I’ll be heading to the Dominican Republic in less than a month, so the travel bug has definitely bitten me again, but also because I recently discovered a new app that I wish I had handy when I was originally planning out my trip. I’d like to introduce you to Bungee girl, the most important app that you’ll ever have as a solo female traveler.
Bungee Girl was created by a very inspiring little lady by the name of Maxine. Maxine was a 19-year old student at Penn State University when she found out that she was pregnant with her daughter. Through much pain, heartache, struggle, abuse and an imaginable amount of hours spent studying, working, and being a mother to her newborn child, Maxine was determined to prove she wasn’t just another statistic. Her powerful story, which you can read more about here (highly recommend), caught the attention of another inspiring little lady, Hillary Clinton.

Maxine was invited to speak at multiple engagements, share her story with other young women, and was also chosen as Hillary’s special guest during her first presidential debate. Maxine is a pure example on what it means to defy the impossible, and she proves that no matter the journey, no matter the struggle, you can still rise on top and make your life the best that it can be.

So, what exactly is Bungee Girl? Bungee Girl is an app that helps solo female travelers connect with each other for suggestions, accommodations, and to meet and hang with fellow women that share common interests. You’ll be able to learn the in’s and out’s of your new city before even arriving. Find out where the hot spots are, where you should avoid, and maybe trade travel stories with one of your new local buddies over a cocktail or two.
Traveling solo as a women can be scary, but it shouldn’t be! I know – I was absolutely terrified. I tried to cancel my trip 3 times the day I was set to leave. How was I going to do this?! I didn’t know a single soul upon arrival. With Bungee Girl, I would have been able to connect with women who were also traveling to Italy at the same time, or local women who can give me some insight on planning my trip. Needless to say, my life would have been made a lot easier, and my stress levels probably wouldn’t have been through da roof.
Whether you’re an experienced solo traveler, or you’re in the middle of planning your first solo excursion, I highly recommend you stop what you’re doing and download Bungee Girl. It will be your gateway to solo travel like you’ve never seen before. Women helping women.. what’s not to love!
Stay wild, ladies. xx


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