Fish Bar @ North River Landing, NYC

It’s often said that some of life’s most sought after pleasures are good wealth, good health, and good fortune. Here in New York City, it’s an obligatory rule to also add good brunch to that equation. You see, for us, brunch isn’t a time of day, it isn’t a type of meal, and it isn’t an excuse to get wasted-face at 12pm on a Sunday. Okay — that last one is a lie — but here in New York, Brunch is a sport.
Because so, I’m always on the lookout for a new brunch spot that stands out from the rest of the typical $20.95 unlimited mimosa type deals. The ones that give you a 2-hour limit, in which you spend half of that time trying to flag down the waiter and then the other half attempting to eat your stale pancakes all while crammed in a corner wearing last nights blouse. We’ve all been there, girl. #NoShame
I recently discovered Fish Bar, which is Pier 81’s newest restaurant and lounge aboard a 3-story 160 ft yacht. There’s a ton of waterfront bars in NYC, but here at Fish Bar, you actually sail the New York Harbor, visit my homegirl Lady Liberty, and sit across from some of the most gorgeous NYC views that you’ll ever see. Yea.. how’s that for a setting? Can we say ‘rose all day’? Yes, yes we can.
Our brunch boarded at 12pm sharp and took off promptly by 12:30. We were greeted by our server Eric, with a complimentary dish of morning pastries. I’m not exactly sure what they were, but they were absolutely delicious. Fresh, flavorful, and hit the spot for an early Sunday afternoon treat. For drinks, we tried the Rose (obviously) as well as the Mediterranean Sangria. The Rose was crisp the way a good Rose should be, while the sangria was fruity, light, and I imagine would have been amazing during the summer months. 
Fish Bar’s menu is very diverse in that there’s plenty of options for both breakfast and lunch foods. Brunch menus typically tend to lean towards one or the other, so having the balance of options as nice. I would, however, would have liked to see more vegetarian options, but that is neither here nor there.
We went with:
A) The Challah Stuffed French Toast
B) Grilled Chicken Wrap
C) Side of bacon
All the usual suspects for a brunch session.
The Challah Stuffed French Toast was toasty (ha), sweet with a hint of savory from the mascarpone cheese, and finished off with a bounty of fresh berries, powdered sugar, and pure maple syrup. 
The Grilled Chicken Wrap was stuffed with seasoned chicken, peppers, cucumber greens, and a delicious pesto dressing layered upon a folded white wrap. Paired with a huge (!) amount of french fries and additional greens, you guys… this was delicious. While more on the small side, it’s best to order this wrap if you aren’t feeling too ravenous, or if you ate more of the complimentary breakfast pastries than you’d like to admit like I did. 
Perhaps the shining star of this brunch cruise are the views. They absolutely cannot be beat, and it was such a pleasure to get up from our table and roam around the outdoor deck to capture some gorgeous sights. Not only was the weather absolute perfection, but New York City was looking exceptional lovely on this particular day, so that truly made it all the more special. I can only imagine what these views must look like during the dinner hours, and I highly suggest you try it out and let me know soon, thnx.

 While their Sunday brunch only runs until November 20th, they run dinner cruises every night at both 6:30PM and 9:15PM. 
539 pictures and 4 snapchat videos later, we headed back to our table for a little after-brunch drink. Or as I like to call it, “I’m cold, let’s drink tequila.” Featured is the Aphrodite Treat, and a treat is exactly what it was. I almost wish I was drinking these throughout the entire brunch, but I can’t knock my Rose because, you know, rose all day.
I promise to stop saying that.

When our ship boarded and it was time to get off, our waiter came over with our bill enclosed with a super sweet parting note. This honestly sealed the deal for me, partly because anytime someone writes me a handwritten note I’m basically all ‘omgz’, but also because with that one little gesture, it made our brunch feel more personal, and more like an experience rather than just a meal. Shout-out to you, Eric, because you made my day.
Overall, I’m going to rate Fish Bar an 8/10. Also, did I mention it’s completely free to sail? I didn’t? BECAUSE IT’S COMPLETELY FREE TO EAT YOUR DINNER ON A YACHT. Yea….
Fish Bar is offering 50 of the first Food and the City readers a free glass of bubbly when you check in on Yelp and tell em’ we sent ya! Free booze, kids. Free booze. Click here to check out sailing times! 
Go to Fish Bar. You can thank me later.

This post is sponsored by World Yacht/New York Cruise Lines

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