BAR TACO ~ Portchester, NY

When you think of gorgeous views, delicious food, and killer margaritas – Portchester, NY might not be the first place you’d turn to look. However, about an hour outside of the city, sits one of my favorite restaurants that Westchester has to offer, and that my friend, is Bartaco
If you’ve never been before, you may miss it a couple of times as it’s tucked away at the end of a large parking lot that quaintly sits on the edge of the water. This semi-annoying location mishap also allows them to have adorable outdoor seating, so make a u-turn and suck it up Chuck because you’re about to get your taco shizz on. Sitting outback during the summer is so relaxing, and honestly, I wouldn’t blame you if it became one of your favorite places to spend your summer evenings. Order yourself a pitcher of spicy margarita and go to town.

While my absolutely favorite drink to order at Bartaco is the previously mentioned spicy margarita, pictured above is the Chai Mezcalita which is only available for a limited time offer as apart of their monthly #bartacosecret offerings. This was the very first time they introduced a new cocktail into the series, and I had the pleasure of trying one during my last visit. If you ever needed something to clean your sinuses and make you feel like you just got transported back into October, this is it. Those star anise though, level 100 delicious. It has hints of Fall flavor, which was interesting to sip on in late-March, and the smokiness from the mezcal really balanced everything out and hit the spot. If you’re able to snag one of these before it’s gone, highly recommend you do so.
But if you can’t.. all roads lead to the spicy margarita.
CHICKEN BOWL (mid-right)
While obviously known for their tacos, Bartaco also has a wide variety of “non-taco” dishes that make for some serious competition. We can’t go here and not order a chicken bowl. It just can’t happen. And while a bowl of brown rice, sauteed vegetables, and the same chicken that you’ll find on their chicken tacos might sound like something to skip, it’s not, and you also need to order one every time that you go.
Another staple every time that we visit, for $2.50 you get a side bowl of spicy cucumbers that balances out your flavors perfectly as you move from taco to taco. I actually became obsessed with this over the summer, and tried to recreate it at home on more than one occasion. It never turned out quite as good as these, though, and so alas I will always return to Bartaco to get my spicy cucumber salad fix.
Bartaco offers the option of “shelling” your tacos in lettuce instead of tortilla, which I always opt for now. It makes me feel a little bit… better about things, okay? This will cost you $0.25 extra, but well worth it in my opinion if you’re ~*watching your carbs.*~
– Chicken (upper left + lower right in lettuce: 10/10
– Cauliflower (lower left in lettuce) 8/10
– Steak (upper right): 8.5/10
– Falafel (un-pictured due to consumption): 9/10
Overall, Bartaco consistently serves up delicious food, amazing drinks, and has an upbeat environment that you just want to be apart of. Even if you don’t find yourself in Portchester, NY often, it’s well worth the trip for dinner alone. 
I love you, Bartaco.

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