1) First things first, I want to know why we’re all losing our fucking minds over these drinks. I get it.. ~health & stuff~… but like, who is the person that sets the trends for these ridiculously priced items that I now have to work into my weekly budget because I’m a sheep and have to follow what the masses are doing? WHO ARE YOU and why do you want to ruin my life. Funny story, I was on line at Whole Foods the other day, and the girl behind me had the exact same components in her basket as I did in mine. What were the components you ask? FIVE OF THESE FUCKING DRINKS THAT WE’RE ALL ADDICTED TO.

Am I sounding hostile? I feel like I’m sounding hostile.ย 

We laughed and laughed and laughed and then internally cried because just like that, there went our rent money on overpriced probiotic beverages.

2) Forever 21 has been transformed into the 80’s version of Barbie’s dreamhouse during her aerobics days. Seriously, walk into any Forever 21 RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT and it’s metallic this, glitter that, and yas kweeeeen everything. Please watch this video if you have no clue what I’m referring to and then please let me know if you can find these outfits for me.

3) My best friend texted me the other day to show me some of the new things that she bought for her apartment, and then we had a full conversation about how old we are because these are the things that excite us nowadays. The best part? Not only did these things actually really fucking excite us, I followed up later on that day with a photo of the new cutting boards that I just bought. ADULT STUFF YA’LL. Which prompts the question: when did we get so old? Like — 26 isn’t even old though. It’s only 6 years past not being able to get into bars, and still 4 years off from 30. Right? Right ??? TELL ME THE TRUTH.

Are cutting boards and candle holder hauls the new normal?

4) I’m starting to panic because June is pretty much over and I feel like I haven’t done enoughย seasonal things yet… ? Makes no sense, I know, considering summer just started, but — I don’t know. Summer always messes with my productivity levels. I want to be inside working on the blog but then I also want to be outside destroying my life and drinking rose at 3pm everyday? So, you can see my dilemma here. What is it about the warm weather that makes us want to drink during the day? I read an article recently (lol if you think I actually saved it to place here because why would I remember to do that) that basically explained it in a way of being 100% psychological, and we fool ourselves into think we’re missing out on stuff if we’re not also out at brunch every saturday and sunday of the summer like we see other people doing. Here’s my issue with that theory: you are missing out on something… and that something is brunch.

5) I’m referencing Forever 21 twice in one article after just complaining about how I’m 26 & old & uncool now and omg I’m so sorry — but can someone please tell me — how do you wear these pants? I really want to be someone who can wear these pants, but every time I try to wear these pants, I literally look like a tiny human wearing her big girl clothes for an interview that she’ll never land. Lmao, so much self-hate in this paragraph but like ???? I CAN’T WEAR THEM FOR THE LIFE OF ME. Teach me.

6) I’m really freaking excited about watermelon being everywhere again. WHY YOU ASK? Well, simply because it is hands-down the greatest fruit on this planet, and if you disagree with that statement well then I’m very sorry.. we must part ways. Fresh watermelon in the summertime is as sexually enticing as David Beckham kicking a ball around with no shirt on. Like, it’s that serious. As serious as a heart-attack. Bahahaha, dad jokes.

WHICH BY THE WAY, will you freaking look at this????

Um, excuse yourself?

WATERMELON FROSE, and by one of my favorite bloggersย nonetheless. I’ll be making you this weekend for sure.

Or maybe tonight.

Haven’t decided yet.

x Mel


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