GIVEAWAY | Quest Cereal Protein Bars (+ mini review)

Quest Cereal Protein Bars, Quest Cereal Protein Bars review

If you follow me on Instagram, you’re already well aware with my obsession for Quest bars. I’ve mentioned previously before how I was never a protein bar type of girl, as I used to think they were pointless and I could easily and willingly take my 100-250 calories elsewhere. *ahem.. ice cream*… also known as: my appetite is seriously that of a 6 year old child. 
Well, fast forward to current times of no longer being uneducated on nutrition (and maybe a slight jump in maturity) — I’ve come to the realization that protein bars are like, really, really freaking good for you. And you should be eating them. All the time. The problem with that theory, though, is that protein bars ain’t cheap, and if you’re eating them as often as you should be, your pockets will not thank you. And with all these summer sales going on, I have shoes things to buy, cha feel me?
Quest Cereal Protein Bars, Quest Cereal Protein Bars review

There are 14 million different protein bars on the market, but these Quest bars in particular are my absolute favorite !!!!!! With 12g of protein and only 110 calories, you would never know you were eating a protein bar. They taste like a combination of rice crispy treats and those old school cereal bars that your mom used to buy in bulk from Costco when you were a kid. I know you know the ones. Everyone knows the ones.

I’ll be the first to admit that the traditional Quest bars aren’t my favorite (i have a thing with texture, okay?), but these — these are a daily staple for me now. In fact, I probably eat too many of them (2 of them a day without fail) thus resulting in a very high protein intake, but hey, I could be on drugs or something and I’m not, so, matters could be worse.

That was a pretty dark comparison for a post about protein bars, I’m sorry.

The Quest Cereal Protein Bars come in 3 different flavors: Waffle, Cinnamon Roll + Chocolate, with Waffle being my #1. Just look at how beautiful it is. *salivates….*

Quest Cereal Protein Bars, Quest Cereal Protein Bars review

So, you’ve already sat here reading this post long enough to probably hate me, but I’m about to win you back over, promise.
How? By bribing you for your love, of course. 
THAT’S RIGHT! I’m giving away 3 BOXES of these babes to 3 different of you babes! All you have to do to enter is be an email subscriber of Food and the City, (which takes all of 2 seconds to sign up for if you haven’t already, click here) + be a follower of my Instagram account! The winner will be announced via Monday’s (7/17) newsletter, and contacted via the email you’re signed up with — so make sure it’s valid! 
That’s it!
Yay free stuff! Yay protein bars! Yay Quest! Yay life!
I’ll stop now. Good luck!

Signed –

Mel who had too much coffee today
Quest Cereal Protein Bars, Quest Cereal Protein Bars review

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