Baaz, the new wave of social media.

*This post was sponsored by Baaz. All opinion stated in this article are my own based on my experience.*
Social media. It’s no secret that it has seemingly taken over most of our lives, and while there is no sign of it going anywhere anytime soon, there *are* signs of it starting to take on change. Social media has, without a doubt, changed the way that we obtain news, save ideas, connect with friends, and stay in touch with family. While social media definitely has its pros, with so many different platforms for us to stay on top of, checking our notifications can become more of a chore than anything else. 
Introducing Baaz, a discovery and sharing platform that’s currently making a splash in its beta phase, and I was given the chance to be among one of the first users to try it. While you may not have heard about Baaz here in the US just yet, the platform has been successfully rolled out across the globe, most specifically in Europe & the Middle East. 

So, what exactly is Baaz, you ask? Simple — Baaz is a single platform where you have the capability to connect all of your social profiles to keep everything in one place. Check your Twitter feed, your Facebook feed, or even just browse trending news. Having 10 different tabs open may soon be a thing of the past after you set up your Baaz profile. Not only do you have the power of reading updates from multiple social media networks, but also you’re actually able to shoot out posts to all of your profiles just by publishing it on Baaz first. Of course, you can pick and choose which posts go where, which is great if you like to keep a certain aesthetic to your feed. 
I’ll be trying the platform and hosting a monthly Q&A on my Baaz profile, so I wanted to fill you all in on this new network and let you know where I’ll be hanging around for the next couple of months! 🙂
I’m super excited to introduce Baaz to you, as I truly feel it can help us all share the news smarter, actually be able to see what the news that we want to see, not what social media wants us to. Stories are pulled from thousands of different sources, giving you multiple perspectives and opinions about the world’s leading trending topics. I know that for me, when I read an interesting article, I immediately research the topic more to see what else people are saying about it. Having all those perspectives and opinions in one place has been super helpful for me while browsing through Baaz.
I encourage you to take advantage of the beta phase and sign up right now before Baaz BOOMS. Besides, what’s cooler than being one of the first people on a new platform? 😉
Sign up here | download the app here {ios + android}


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