My Experience Using FlatRate Moving To Move In With My Boyfriend

If you follow me on social media, you’re probably aware that my boyfriend Patrick & I recently moved in together. I know what you’re thinking; “wait, weren’t you guys already living together?” Well — for the most part, but the time finally came to stop wasting so much freaking money in nyc rent carve it in stone and bring both of our homes together to become one. That is.. me bringing my home to him, as we decided we would keep his apartment, and I would be giving mine up.

As you know, I moved into my own place (the first time without roommates, that is) just over a year ago, so the thought of packing up and moving again was absolutely daunting. In fact, part of me put off this move as long as I possibly could just because I didn’t want to go through the motions of it all. Besides, when I moved a year ago, I only had a bedroom and a few kitchen and bathroom items to pack up. I was living in Midtown Manhattan with three roommates, so needless to say, I wasn’t moving a great deal of items. This time, however, I needed to pack up an entire apartment. An entire 5-room space of odds, ends, and everything in between. And you know what I found out?

One accumulate a lot of shit over the course of 1 year.

I’ve preached about the universe many times on here before, and how I’m a big believer in timing and that everything happens for a reason. The same day that Patrick and I had our final serious conversation about the move, I received an email from a company called FlatRate Moving. They were interested in learning if I had plans to move anytime soon, and if so, would I be needing any assistance with the job. Can we say w e i r d? No, really, can we just freaking handle that for a sec? Not only did it reaffirm the notion that moving in together was the right decision, (seriously — TIMING YA’LL) it also took 16,000 lbs of weight off my shoulders about who I was going to harass to help me with the move.

Last time I recruited my brothers in addition to my boyfriend, and that ended with me having to take them out for a $300 dinner in return.

No thanks,

(jk you guys were a great help love u)

After I told FlatRate about my situation, they walked me through all of my options and together we decided what type of service I would be needing based off of the amount of items I had to move. After a few emails hammering out the details, and countless amounts of me asking “are you sure you guys don’t mind carrying 3 boxes filled with shoes“, my move was confirmed and I was all set with an appointment with FlatRate Moving.

I’ll be honest, at first I was nervous with having movers transport my stuff. Every time that I’ve moved in the past I either did it myself or recruited friends and family to help me out. Having strangers handle my ~*personal things*~ was a bit of a change for me, and I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. Would it be too much? Would they be needing my help moving things? Should I make sure a friend was there incase I needed an extra set of hands? Would they judge how many bottles of shampoo I not only owned, but how many of those bottles of shampoo I was actually planning to move?

Do they like dogs?
What’s their favorite color?


All panic attacks aside, the day of the move couldn’t have been easier. When I say everything went as smooth as could be, I really do mean it all went as smooth as could be. I had a 9AM appointment, however I was running a little late that morning due to the cable guy, and I freaked out thinking the two times would overlap. Cue the sad music, because in that moment, I felt like everything would end up being a disaster and my life would be ruined forever, obviously.

Well, after taking my meds (loljk but no forreall), I called up FlatRate Moving and they were more than happy to push my appointment back an hour. I was nervous that they wouldn’t be able to accommodate the request seeng as I called just a little over an hour before my appointment was set to start, however they completely understood my situation, and promptly showed up at 10AM instead. Upon arrival, they immediately got to work. They asked me to point them in the direction of what needed to go where, what needed to be bubble-wrapped, strapped, secured, and they would handle it all from there. I was honestly floored, seeing as I totally expected to get my hands a little dirty.

Luckily, I did not have to lift a single finger besides the ones that I used to sip on the tea that I was drinking. The two men that were assigned my move were not only extremely professional, but super sweet and accommodating when I ended up having a couple of extra boxes to move than originally planned. The additional items were not a problem at all, and they were happy to move them in and out for me.

Which leads me to my next point of satisfactory: they handled my belongings with such care, you would think that they were moving their own precious possessions. I had a box filled with glass picture frames that I totally forgot to mark as fragile, but when I opened it up to unpack they looked like they hadn’t even moved an inch! Seriously – I didn’t cushion them in the slightest (aka I packed while watching Real Housewives of NJ) and there wasn’t a single ding or scratch on any of them like I had anticipated. That one factor alone would be the reason why I never hesitate to hire FlatRate Moving again in the future.

Overall, my move took about 3 hours to:
– clean out an entire 1-bedroom apartment
– travel
– + unload the truck and get it all into the new place. 

Being that this is NYC, there isn’t always parking right in front of your house or building (read; never), so even with taking that inconvenience into consideration, this was still a very time efficient move. I cleared my entire schedule thinking this would take 5-6 hours, so needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised to still have time left in my day to get other things done.

Truthfully, I owe it all to FlatRate Moving and how well the movers came prepared. They were equipped with wheeled moving carts to stack and move boxes quickly, that way they could dedicate most of their time to moving the big stuff.  My old apartment had steps leading down to it, and the two men made sure that all of my furniture made it up those steps without issue.

I can’t stress enough how satisfied I was (and still am) with the services that I received from FlatRate Moving. They took a really stressful situation and turned it into an easy, breezy, seamless transition, and I couldn’t thank them enough!

That being said, I highly recommend FlatRate to anyone who is moving in the near future and is in the market for a moving company. Even if you were originally planning to do it yourself, I would suggest contacting FlatRate and discussing your options with them. They offer a ton of different types of services, from packing to installation, so there’s surely something to accommodate your situation.

I also want to note that they offer storage services as well, and I myself will be using them in a couple of months to store some items. Moving 2 apartments into 1 apartment ultimately means you end up with a lot of doubles (double sets of pots/pans, double coffee tables, etc etc), so for the time being, I’ll be utilizing their storage to store those sorts of things. (instead of hiding them in a closet when my family comes over)

In closing, you can quickly + easily book a move with FlatRate Moving by heading to this link. It isn’t an affiliate link or any of that jazz, I just truly wanted to showcase a reliable company that deserves your time and $$monies$$.

Thank you for making my life just a little bit easier, FlatRate Moving. ILYFORLIFE.


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